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  1. @Pat Stanford I tried that already and it still seems to be displaying it incorrectly
  2. Hello! I just completed a planting plan and I am now formatting my plant tags and something is happening that I've never experienced before. I need the tags to read at the orientation of the viewport of my planting plan sheet but when I rotate my drawing and try to organize my plant tags the text for the tag flips upside down and I can't get it to read horizontally left to right in the orientation that I need. Is there a way I can get VWX to stop automatically rotating the text? Thanks!
  3. Thanks Tamsin. Looking forward to unlocking that feature!
  4. Is there really no way to change the orientation of the texture on a texture bed? I've tried re-orienting my drawing so the top/plan view is always straight but the textures are still angled. I just want my paving patterns to run in the same direction as the pad that I've created. Anyone had any luck with this? Thanks!
  5. Thanks J! I crated a pad for my stairs to sit on and then created a separate pad for the walkway to sit on but at the same elevation because it ends up sloping away. I guess I could create one big pad and start the slop of the walkway at the bottom of the stairs? Still getting used to this so trying to suss out all the nuances. Thanks again!
  6. Ok so I have finally wrapped my head around site modeling and it's super exciting to figure all this stuff out! One question I have is regarding the concept that site modifiers can't intersect or even touch each other. For instance. I have a set of stairs that lands on a walkway. It's all well and good when I put the pad site modifier under the set of stairs but when it comes to rendering there is always going to be part of the site model (terrain) that is in between the walkway pad and the set of stairs. My question is how do I get that to level out so it appears that the stairs are landing directly on the elevations of the walkway pad and there isn't a contour or elevation from the site model slipping in between? Thank you!
  7. Thank you Tamsin! I had basically started my own new vwx file copying all my created plants which I could then copy and paste from but I'll try this instead so I don't have to have both files open every time.
  8. Hello! I am using Vectorworks Landmark '19 and I am wondering how to create a database where I can store all of the most common plants that I use for my landscape designs. Basically I am just hoping to have a place where I can quickly access those plants which I use the most. Especially the ones that so arduously create on my own. Thanks!
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