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  1. You may need to unplug any ipods etc ... that are plugged in. I had an ipod plugged in with no programs running, but it was still enough to cause problems with quicktime elements. VW installed fine after I unplugged the ipod.
  2. Your welcome. I'm glad it worked for you.
  3. I have had this problem before in VW 11.5.1 I figured out that something in my custom workspace had become corrupt. I had to delete the custom workspace from the workspace folder so that VW would not try to load it. VW then loaded just fine; although , I had to rebuild my workspace. In your case, since workspaces are specific to the version VW11.5 would still work while VW12 would not. This was also on a WinXp machine. Hope this helps.
  4. Viper, It sounds like your symbols may be on another layer and you have the Layers> show/snap/modify others option selected. When you are on one layer and select objects on another layer the handles are not filled. Select the objects again and look at the object info to see if this is the case. You can then use the object info tab to move the symbols to the layer you want.
  5. .DWF files are just files for viewing. The format was made for increased security with file sharing so that the people seeing the file can not editi it. At least that is my understanding of it anyway. You will need a dwg file to be able to edit it.
  6. Thanks for the explanation. I'm glad to know its not VW, but just the EPS files work.
  7. I have also had crashing problems in 11.5. They usually have occurred when usuing the text tool. A question I would ask is how many people who are having these problems are working with imported dwg files? Most plans that I work on usually involve an imported dwg. I do not know if that means anything or not, but I was just curious. Winxp Pro VW11.5 1gig Ram 2.5ghz
  8. While opening an eps from vectorworks in either photoshop or illustrator I have kept the vectorworks file open also. The side by side comparison shows different colors. I have opened the images as both CYMK & RGB in photoshop with the same results. I also have had to bring in logos from a graphic design that were eps. I had to change the color mode from CMYK to RGB for the colors to come in properly.
  9. I have worked on several color plans that a client wanted in eps format. I did the rendering in vetorworks just using fills and symbols. The drawing looked fine up to the point I exported it to eps format. Upon opening the file as an image all of the color had shifted to CMYK. The only work around I have found is to create a pdf and the convert that to an eps. I wanted to find out if there was a way to get vectorworks to export to the eps file without shifting the colors. I would rather the export just be a one step process rather than the two I have to do now. 2.5 ghz Win. XP Prof. 1gig Ram 128mg Nvida Video
  10. Heres something I just ran across today. I had to trace a bitmap in 11 the other week and it worked fine. Today I had to trace another bitmap and it would not work in 11.5. It would go through the process, but the results were way off. It was also much much slower.I went to another computer that has not been updated yet and it traced the image without any problems in less than half the time. Both of these computer systems are set up the same. The only difference was the update.
  11. Nic, I have had this problem before with very large 2d files. The way I dealt with it was to paste everything else into the drawing that would not paste. Another option would be to do what Katie mentioned and create a workgroup reference from one drawing to the other. Just make sure none of the layers being brought in have the same name as existing layers. I would then remove the reference, but keep all items in the drawing. This should move everything in without cutting and pasting. Keep in mind that the reason the drawing did not paste was probably because of the size. The file I had problems with was a pain to print and work with until I removed extra information that was not needed. Hope this is helpful.
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