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  1. I do elevations pretty much the same way as you, mac. I've tried many different ways and although 'convert copy to lines' requires a lot of cleaning up at the end, I found that the end result is much, much better and things like line weights and hatches are much easier to manipulate if you have a line copy of your view. As for the appearance-of-brick thing, i usually use hatching on 2D polygons which you can find until the Fill option in the Attributes Pallette. You can also use the pattern option or Image (which uses an image file), depending on what sort of realism you want. You just have to create your own hatch/pattern/image to fill the polygon. This entire post was in my opinion only...but I hope it helped.
  2. Yeah Peter is right, creating an animation before the presentation is your best option. Allow yourself as much time as you can beforehand to play around with the Create Animation tool as it takes a bit of getting used to. Keep them as short as you can, as they do take a while to render into a movie and take up a far bit of space.
  3. nice post. i can't offer any help but i've been wanting to know for a while about the white-texture always being grey thing, unless you have lights shining directly onto the surface which eliminates all other shadowy effects. i dont know...white buildings, even with shadows, in real life, dont seem to appear grey.
  4. chances are, this is not your solution, but I had a similar problem and it turned out that i had my classes set to 'show others' but not 'show/snap/modify' others. it's possible that it could be solved by checking your classes, but not likely. Just though i'd share. nic.
  5. I have VW 10 on a PC. The convert copy to lines command is a bit erratic - works when it feels like it, it seems, when 'conditions' are exactly the same. Why is this, is this a bug? Thanks!
  6. You can layerlink the information to the drawing layer and then remove the layer link after. That should work, i think.
  7. Hey everyone Just wondering some things for when I create a new texture, particularly the Image properties. I've figured out what Image Colour is, and I know what Image Bump/Image Transparency etc DO but am not exactly sure how they work. For example, with an image bump, is the the black surfaces that become raised or the white ones? What happens if it is a greyscale image? How does black and white affect Image Transparency and Reflectivity? Any help would be useful - I just need something that I can print out because every time someone tell me, I forget whether black raises bumps...or white raises bumps....or white=transparent....etc etc.... Thanks
  8. If Alex puts his object in his built environment he has an immediate 100MB file. Is that so smart? Hahaha.
  9. nic

    dual pitch roof

    quote: Originally posted by Robert Anderson: Mikie, the VW Roofer supports only single pitched roofs at this time. You can create additional roof elements using the Roof Face tool. Robert: what and where is the roof face tool??
  10. hello everyone! i'm not sure if i should post this here, or in the LANDMARK forum....but here goes. i noticed something on the training CD (which i simply got a glance at - i dont actually own them) that interested me. it was a series of contour lines which i assume modelled the shape of the land on which the particular building was constructed. what i want to know is, do I use landmark or architect to replicate a particular piece of land by using something like contours, and exactly how do I go about doing it? thank you for your help, in advance! always, nic
  11. hullo everyone i've recently been told about a VWA function called 'project planner' or something of the sort. apparently it allows you to simply draw your built environment and it automatically sends different components to various parts of your file...or something...wierd...that I don't understand. does ANYONE know what i'm talking about? if you do, can you explain it to me a little more? i suppose i'll be finding out how it works soon enough, but for the time being, any info would be appreciated... always nic.
  12. What version of Quicktime is required to export images in VW 10.0.1? Thanks
  13. nic


    Sorry Marc, can't help you there... But I would love to see the look on a clients face if you handed him a drawing with smiley faces as dimensions
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