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  1. Q you need Uniclass. CI/SfB is dead as Christiaan says. The National BIM Library uses Uniclass as the basis for the class names of the VW objects they have available.
  2. Forget it if you're doing renders, get a desktop. Even if the clock speed on the laptop is high enough it will run too hot for rendering and will have a short life.
  3. This will be a big problem going forward where data needs to be attached to the buildings AND spaces AND furniture (i.e. all levels of objects) at the same time. VW needs a concept shift to handle this.
  4. Nonsense. VW engineers can change the attributes palette any time they like. And yes, they should.
  5. I wouldn't do that....it's London...full of fumes and it's been raining all week too. What happened to Spring?
  6. I knew this had been raised before... http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=143758
  7. Ah, the old box sash window with 'checked' reveal. Christiaan is right that the level of detail required isn't something that can be expected of a BIM window just yet. BUT checked reveals should be available, otherwise: - the masonry opening can't be scheduled (it's different on the inner leaf and the outer leaf with a checked reveal) - the frame appearance is completely wrong on elevation (the frame is mostly hidden with a checked reveal) So how common are box sashes and checked reveals in the UK?...box sashes not so common now, but checked reveals are standard practice in Scotland.
  8. Tiles look useful, but they are abstract so I'm not going to learn how to use them or invest any time in setting up any for the office. How well do they export to DWG? IFC? Do they relate to world objects and have intelligent behaviours? We need less abstraction for the Architect version of VW, not more.
  9. To think you have the most postings and BIM critiques and your first BIM project was modeling your house refurbishment? Thats ironic... lets hope they (NAG) dont follow your example. You mean a practice should jump in head first and do BIM on their most complex projects? That would be reckless. We're also looking at BIM on a marginal basis because frankly VW isn't ready for primetime.
  10. This year's release may give us a good idea about the rate of progress towards real BIM. It will have to be pretty good to stop us downloading the Revit trial though.
  11. I can't speak for Christiaan, but just because I hang around here a lot doesn't make me a guru...in fact I've only begun 3D working recently (mainly because VW was so bad previously I didn't bother...). I've learned that if you keep threads on here alive long enough....a guru will show up eventually though...
  12. Imagine my surprise when one of my colleagues asked me the very same thing this morning. Fascia and soffit are on the floor instead of the roof.. Any answers?
  13. The marketing: [font:Courier New]"Vectorworks Architect provides Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities that offer a true increase in productivity."[/font] The reality: See above.
  14. There are more questions than answers
  15. Definitely buggy. First time I edited it it jumped to 1500 measured size to match the OIP, but I can't replicate it again. Some unfinished business with the arrival of the Structural Opening parameter in 2012...
  16. Does Navisworks or other model viewers have this? How easy is it to implement I wonder?
  17. Post your findings once you sort it....we'll be running into this too
  18. My point entirely. Ooops wrong thread.
  19. I wasn't really picking on them - their craftsmanship is excellent. But they don't need BIM software and we do, and we don't design barns for a living.
  20. What's GSA??? Google Suggested Answers.... Glasgow School of Art Gay/Straight Alliance Girls' Schools Association I've never built anything occupied by those...
  21. Hey be careful...there's some modern measurements on there in brackets...the Amish wouldn't like those. Don't you think 73mm is easier than 2 and 7/8" ? How do you cope with decimal inches mixed with fractional inches??? Whats 5/8" + 6.3" ?? How do you cope with it at all? It's so much easier to add 16mm to 160mm to get 176mm. You guys must make mistakes all the time....no wonder you still build like the Amish.
  22. Apparently even Burma has seen the light... [font:Courier New]"...reports from Burma suggest that that country is planning to adopt the metric syst[/font]em" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metrication
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