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  1. First day back from holiday and I really want to sort this one out once & for all! After editing class visibilities in a viewport and exiting back to the Sheet Layer, my Navigation window sometimes has a different selection of visible classes, resulting in a viewport displaying incorrect classes. Is there a quick way to restore your classes in Navigation window to match those of the viewport that you have been just been editing. VSS have no answers. thanks imac2011, 2.93GHz I7 8GB 1G ATI Radeon VW 2013 SP3 183378
  2. Anyone know how to change a 'dashed' line back to normal continuous line? Looked in Resource window and can only see all of the fancy new lines, but no default plain old continuous line? vw 2013 27" imac i7 10.7.5
  3. When I try to change window settings or change height of a wall in perspective view, VW's takes up to 15 minutes to re-render and bring up settings box. (spinning beach ball) Is this normal? Currently having to flip over to plan view, adjust window settings then flip back to see what changes look like in 3D.
  4. Going through same problem here in viewport. my lines disappeared when changing rendering mode to 'final shaded polygon' & updated.
  5. Will persevere with roof tool, but am getting close to dumping roof storey and drawing lines/polys over elevation views, the fees can't take it...' Ah, miniCAD...jumpers for goalposts...did what it said on the tin(mostly)
  6. On the upside, I suppose this allows for inward/outward opening windows yet the sill remains where it should.Thanks all.
  7. Hi Guys, OMG if neither of you top VW gurus know then I may get depressed! Look forward to any help on this one as it makes the roof tool of limited practical use. Have resorted to using wall tool for soffite/fascia for the moment. Quite a lot of control really this way c/w roof tool accessories, even when they do work, especially on existing buildings. Have found both your comments v useful for work arounds/guidance on the forums (saved many a presentation disaster) Please keep it up!
  8. tried clicking and waiting, then again and again and ...nothing
  9. Anyone have any suggestions as to why fascia board, when requested in roof accessory window, appears to be at ground floor level? thanks
  10. Thanks for reply, I mean I click the flip button but nothing happens?
  11. Anyone out there know why my windows are not flipping in walls ? I know it is not file specific as it is all windows in all files? Just need to click a setting somewhere..... thanks C5
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