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  1. Hi,


    as already mentioned in 2 posts (maybe a double post, shame on me 😉 ) we are struggling on how wall-components are exported since VW 2021 SP2.



    Now wall components in the ifs-file are named after the wall-component name, what generally does make sense, for sure.

    However we prefer, naming wall components after the wall-style-name of the entire wall. Unfortunately the datamanager doesn't provide an option...

    Isn't there any possibility? maybe in Vectorscript/Python....


    foreach wall... - still working on it...

  2. On 1/22/2021 at 2:31 PM, anton5 said:

    we still have these issues with Project sharing in 2019 SP6

    Which operating system are you working with? Mac? Windows? Both Mac and Windows? What kind of server do you use? Ever thought about switching to 2020 or 2021? (In 2021 finally there exists a projectsharing server-app)

    when you’re working on Mac, check wether you access your network shares via afp, smb or both afp and smb protocol. Generally it’s dangerous using both smb and afp parallely...

  3. Hi,


    since Vectorworks 2021 SP2 wall-components get the component's name instead of the wall-style-name.

    Now, I'm struggling about how to turn back to the old (maybe faulty) system which matches our workflow better than now.


    We are working intensively with the Datamanager, which is a great tool for calling and influencing ifc-psets...

    I attach you 4 files, a Vectorworks 2021 test file with 2 walls with more than wall components, the corresponding ifc-files from 2021 SP1 and 2021 SP2 and the screenshots where you can see how It turns out in sp2 and how I would prefer it as it works in the sp1 export.


    Maybe it's just a small lever, but, how do I influence single wall-component-names with the data manager?






  4. The Data-Manager is a great tool for controlling and organizing IFC-Data inside a Vectorworks-Document and for organizing the way it gets exported to ifc.


    However, one big part of the Data Manager is the way, Sets are stored. Actually you can save Sets as xml-files, either in the active document, in the user folder or in the network-folder. After having left the Data Manager and reentering the Datamanager the Set-Pulldown-Menu switches from the set-name to "document-set". From that moment on, nobody ever will really understand, which set has been stored and modified the last time.

    the reasons for that behavior must be the following:


    - the data-Manager-tool is still in a development phase

    - because data sets can be stored on a network path and be modified by everyone who has access to that network path, from the moment on, you leave the data manager, you never know, if somebody else modified the set on the shared server path

    - I don't know what else


    However, it feels like opening a word file and after having made some modifications word forgets the actual document name and tells me "actual document" is open.

    Due to the complexity, Data-Manager sets can have, that gets really ambitious, controlling and understanding, which set actually is in use in which document.

    Setting up Data Manager sets as a resource, could be a solution indeed (or do you have a better idea?)

  5. Actually I had the idea of setting up a project-sharing-server for being accessible from the web, so our team mates could work in project sharing from their home-office as well.

    Due to Covid-19 home-office everywhere gets more and more a part of actual working environments, so working with project sharing from home, gets more and more interesting.

    Actually ComputerWorks @marc wittwer recommends us, to use Project Sharing with a dropbox account, but, somehow we prefer using our own network-resources, although we got a new server, which is accessible from outside for exchanging files, as well. So I thought it might be interesting setting up a project-sharing-server-service on our server as well for test issues.


    Do you already have any experience with the project-sharing-server on the web? At all as far as I understood  it works via http and, http is one of the internets most native protocols. So, why shouldn't it work?

  6. MullinRJ writes: 


    You can use GOTO , which causes the execution to jump to the label. GOTO will not jump out of nested procedures, so you'll have to have a and a GOTO at each level to jump to the end of that level when some condition is TRUE.

    would mean, that there is no exit but "command-." from a foreach-loop.

    However, really good ideas!


  7. Look for example in the following description. In the python syntax all boolean variables are written wrong.


    hObject = vs.Handle()

    ok = false

    outName = ""

    outType = -1


    ok = vs.IFC_GetPsetInfoAt(hObject, true, 0, outName, outType)

    After trying the script on my own, I found out, that "false" and "true" have to be written with a capital 'F' and 'T' and not with a lowercase f or t.

    So, 'False' and 'True' is right, not 'false' and 'true'.


    I guess, that's not the only wrong function reference.



  8. 11 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

    if you can't click the cancel button I don't have a lot of hope.

    at least there's a task manager/activity manager on any computer for that case ;-). 


    But, seriously, how can I implement a dialogue with an abort-button in a foreach-loop which cycles through an undefined number of objects?

    In a for or while loop I can just use an AlertQuestion which returns me the value for escaping the loop, when I press the abort button. But in a foreach-loop?

  9. Hi,

    does there exist a command (both in Vectorscript and Python) for immediately interrupt a script in both python and Vectorscript? I actually am using the foreach-command quite often. There it's quite difficult interrupting with a dialogue with an abort button. Unfortunately "Ctrl-C", "Esc"... don't work. the only working alternative actually is forcing Vectorworks to close completely.

    Thanks for your help!

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  10. Till VW 2021 SP1 wall components in the ifc-Export got the Name of the Wall style. Since 2021 SP2 now the component name in the ifc-file is no longer the wall-style name but switched to the component name. Due to the fact, that now every component has its own attributes, name,... that sounds like it "works as designed". However, we would prefer naming every wall-component in the ifc-file like the wall style.

    Now I don't know where to interfere/influence to obtain the wished result in the data manager. As you already can see in the file data manager, of course, walls are exported by components.

    I attached the original VW 2021 file, the SP1 ifc-export and the SP2 ifc-export.


    Thanks in advance.



    2021-IFC-Export-Test.vwx.zip 2021-SP1-Test.ifc.zip 2021-SP2-Test-2.ifc.zip

  11. Hi,


    we aregerman Vectorworks Serviecselect-customers and till 2016 have been using english/us Vectorworks program versions. Actually still some colleagues are working with us Vectorworks 2016. Now we switched to G-Series/network licenses. Unfortunately our us-version-installer to be an E-Series installer only, to me.

    Could you pls help me where to get an installer for Vectorworks 2016 SPX - Mac OS - G-Series? That would be a great help!!!


  12. Just now, JuanP said:

    If you open multiple instances of Vectorworks in the same client, every instance will be counted in the RLM.

    ok, so, i made a check what happens, if I check out a license and try to work "offline" with more instances of Vectorworks. It worked as well.


    - if I work in connection with the RLM, every Instance of Vectorworks I open is counted in the RLM. so, either 10 persons open 10 instances or 5 persons open 2 instances a person. However it's 10 licenses running on the RLM


    - If I instead check borrow a 2021 license and work outside the company-network, I can open as many instances as I want with just one license counted on the RLM (already tried it here)

    - (same issue with E-Series and with B-Series/Dongle-Series) - with one license I can open as many instances on the same machine, as I want to)


    Somehow that doesn't make sense to me...

  13. Hi,

    just a short question.

    When I use more Vectorworks-Versions simultaneously on the same machine, does every Vectorworks instance I run count as a license?


    I just took a look at the RLM Server Administration Web-Interface and it looks to me like that. Every time I start or quit a Vectorworks-Program/Instance on my local machine the license counter on the server goes up or down.

    If I check out a license instead i can run as many instances on my machine&user as I want simultaneously (what makes more sense to me, imho)


    So, is the number on the server right or just simply misleading. In fact actually I got 2020, 2021 SP1 and 2021 SP2 running on my Mac and every instance is listed on the RLM Administration-License overview...

  14. Hi,

    could anyone get me a download-link (or an installer directly) for a VW 2016 SPX - Mac OS - G-Series Installer?

    We switched to G-Series and now i got trouble Installing our US-Version, because I only have an E-Series Installer on our Server.


    PLEASE HELP 😉  needless to mention, that we of course have our working serial numbers and a working license-server here, so, everything legal...

  15. Hi,

    has anyone some recommendations for a macbook pro 16" USB-C/Thunderbolt docking station?

    We are looking for an easy to use, reliable docking station to use

    - with an 4K external monitor which gets connected with the correct screen resolution!

    - as power supply

    - for attaching the macbook to an RJ45 Ethernet Cable


    Just one single USB-C Cable to plug in, not one for the docking station, one for the monitor, one for power... 


    The docking stations we actually bought don't do that job. (more than one mb pro 16")

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