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  1. @helleMOMENTE Hi Florian, I just checked and can confirm that this is fixed in a forthcoming service pack. Best Conrad
  2. Definitely sold me the idea! It is on the roadmap.
  3. This idea is gathering votes like crazy! We'll definitely look into this. Conrad
  4. Here's a handy script for selecting only equipment items that have no device. Open source for you to play with and modify. Enjoy Conrad CheckOrphanEquipment.vwx
  5. Hi Tim, We've already talked, but I'm answering here for others to see. Speaking for the development team, we check in here regularly and try to respond time permitting. This forum is a great way to let us know about features / capabilities that you are missing. And we do implement a lot of the requests. What this forum is not good at is providing those simple "how to" answers. As you have noticed. Often the answers are in here, it's just that they are buried deep and the search is pretty useless. What I've found with forums is that Google does a way better job of finding stuff if you type in a normal "how do I do this?" question restricting the search to this site. Needless to say I have already raised this in the company but if you add your voices to a campaign for a How To section this will help a lot. Conrad
  6. Hi everyone To share device symbols all you need to do is set up a Vectorworks document in a shared location on your office network, and use the Resource Manager to copy any new symbols you create to that location. Most people set up a favourite in the Resource Manager to easily access the shared folder. But let's go a bit deeper because you'll also want to share connector types and signal types etc. ConnectCAD follows the general Vectorworks paradigm of user folder, (workgroup folder), and app folder. Let me explain: Our plug-ins look for resources they need first in the user folder path (1) and then in any workgroup folders that you can add (2) in the preferences dialog. If the resource isn't found the default in the application folder is used. User folders and workgroup folders mirror the directory tree of the application folder so as a CAD manager you need to set up the user folder content the way you want it, then copy the user folder contents to the shared workgroup folder on your network. Then on each workstation add the user folder path in the Vectorworks Preferences. Hope this helps. Conrad
  7. @Thomas K.Ok these examples are great - one question - generally speaking are these cabinets using standard rack unit mountings (44.45mm) vertically? I ask because we've also had a request to support generic cabinets without U mountings. Just want to get the whole picture. Not sure I can promise something immediately because the day still has only 24 hours but it's going on my list ! Conrad
  8. Kein Problem! Vielen Dank!
  9. Hi @Daniel K Can you point me a link to the manufacturers of this 9.5" rack? I'd like to learn more about it. Conrad Preen Product Planner - ConnectCAD
  10. @ChollyO You could set the Display Tag parameters of your slot devices to empty and use the Description parameter to show the slot contents. Here a quick diagram of what params show on the drawing and what go in reports. On rack elevations you can control the text sizing from the Font menu though you may have to set the size really small because of scaling. C
  11. Hi everyone! In system schematic drawings you can model these kind of modular systems where you have a main unit and plug-in cards in the way that @ChollyO shows above. The cards are separate devices that you can group together with the main device to make them easy to move around. Circuits understand that devices can be inside groups. So for schematics there is a solution that is fairly elegant without getting into manufacturer-specific details. On rack elevations we have rack frame objects that can be set up with an array of slots horizontally and vertically. Rack frames relate to schematic devices through their names just like equipment items. So you would give the rack frame and the main unit the same name in this case. That is what ConnectCAD can do as things stand in terms of placing modular equipment. The rationale of rack elevations has been that you basically need to get the cables to the right rack U with enough slack to connect them and the installer does the rest. Don't forget that Vectorworks itself gives you the ability to create drawings of specific equipment configurations in as much detail as your patience allows. @CharlesD I am interested in the idea of being able to create named card slots inside equipment. This is attractive both as a way of allowing more detailed modelling of physical locations and also as a way to merge rack frames into equipment items giving a cleaner data model. As I've indicated above these are topics we are considering and working on. But like everyone else in the world we have to maintain focus and work with finite resources. Our schedule is pretty full this year but if I can fit it in I will let you know. So this is the current state of play. We had not conceived of the rack elevation as being the primary detail drawing with schematics derived from it - that's an interesting workflow! I'll be thinking about that. Best wishes to all. Conrad
  12. @Theo D Hi Theo! Happy New Year! Not sure this question belongs in the ConnectCAD section... Conrad
  13. I would not recommend editing that text file. It is very easy to get wrong and have the Device Builder stop working. So if you absolutely have to do this then at least make sure you keep the original in a safe place first. It is so much easier to modify the device symbols created by the Device Builder to have sockets ordered and grouped EXACTLY as you want them. And then just drag them on from the Resource Manager. As you build up symbols for the devices you use frequently you can put them in a shared document, set that as a favorite in the Resource Manager and have it always accessible. That way your drawings can always have that great "Z Pete" look! Happy New Year! Conrad
  14. No it does not at the moment. Best wishes for the New Year! Conrad
  15. Happy New Year to you all !!! All these ideas are the subject of ongoing development. Speaking for the ConnectCAD team, we listen very carefully to the points raised on this forum. Many of the ideas discussed here find their way into the product. But it's a process - and it takes time. And not all requests can be met. I ask for your understanding in this matter. Please, let's keep the conversation positive !!! Using epithets like "crappy" is unhelpful and demotivating. The way to get things implemented is to actually say what it is you are trying to achieve (and maybe even post a sketch of it). Wishing you all the very best. Conrad
  16. Hi @Olivier Moser Classes are the Vectorworks way of color-coding objects so we don't want to reinvent that - but it would be a bit crazy to have separate locations to define a signal and then define its class attributes. But point taken, I'll see if there's a way to make this visually more obvious. Thanks Conrad
  17. Hi @Olivier Moser Regarding point 2, the class settings are the classes in your current document. So the best way to go is to set these up the way you want and Save as Template to create a template file set up the way you like. Regard point 3) could you PM me the SignalTypes.txt file you are using so we can analyse it? This may be because of DropBox sync but I can't be 100% sure. Conrad
  18. Hi @ChollyO Well you can set the minimum width of devices in the Device Builder preferences. The Device Builder will try to figure out a width to accommodate long socket names but the calculation can be off a little for some fonts / point sizes - it's not perfect.
  19. If you aren't sure how to use these scripts in your document, here's a link to the help 😉 https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2022/eng/VW2022_Guide/Scripts/Creating_and_editing_script_palettes_and_scripts.htm?rhhlterm=add script scripts scripting&rhsearch=add a script What I've posted so far is in the Vectorscript language which is a dialect of Pascal. Vectorworks can also use Python as a scripting language. Python has an enormous range of external libraries that let your scrips do all kinds of things like getting data from websites for example. Obviously that's complicated but even if you script a set of repeated actions you normally do by hand you'll be amazed at the time you save. Conrad
  20. Wonder how these work? Have a look at developer.vectorworks.net in the Function Reference section there are lots of examples for each function. C
  21. Another one. Copies the user1 param from device objects to equipment. PROCEDURE SyncUserParam; FUNCTION GetFirstDeviceParamValue(h:HANDLE):BOOLEAN; VAR paramvalue:STRING; devicename:STRING; PROCEDURE callback(h:HANDLE); BEGIN SetRField(h, 'EquipItem', 'user1', paramvalue); END; BEGIN IF (GetTypeN(h) = 86) & (GetName(GetParametricRecord(h)) = 'Device') THEN BEGIN paramvalue := GetRField(h, 'Device', 'user1'); devicename := GetRField(h, 'Device', 'name'); ForEachObject(callback, (((R IN ['EquipItem']) & ('EquipItem'.'name'= devicename)))) END; GetFirstDeviceParamValue := FALSE; END; BEGIN ForEachObjectInLayer(GetFirstDeviceParamValue, 0, 1, 1 ); END; Run(SyncUserParam);
  22. Here's the first one. Rename device AND equipment. Helps you out when the client tells you that you must rename all your devices and you've already begun laying out physical equipment. Just create a document script and past the text below into the script editor. OK, so it looks like some help is needed. Here's how it works. Say you have a device and an equipment item named 'MyDevice' and you want to change them both to 'YourDevice'. Then run the script. Type 'MyDevice' into the Find box and 'YourDevice' into the Replace box. Click OK. When I did this it changed both the equipment and the device called 'MyDevice' into 'YourDevice'. If it can't find any device or Equipment with the Find name then you get the alert saying that it can't be found. Enjoy! C PROCEDURE renameDeviceEquipment; CONST {Alignment constants} kRight = 1; kBottom = 2; kLeft = 3; kColumn = 4; kResize = 0; kShift = 1; VAR dialog :LONGINT; result :INTEGER; this: STRING; that: STRING; PROCEDURE Dialog_Handler(VAR item :LONGINT; data :LONGINT); BEGIN GetItemText(dialog, 5, this); GetItemText(dialog, 7, that); END; PROCEDURE renameEquipment(h:HANDLE); BEGIN SetRField(h, 'EquipItem','name', that); ResetObject(h); END; PROCEDURE renameDevices(h:HANDLE); BEGIN SetRField(h, 'Device','name', that); SetRField(h, 'Device','tag', that); ResetObject(h); END; BEGIN dialog := CreateLayout('Rename Device and Equipment', false, 'OK', 'Cancel' ); CreateStaticText( dialog, 4, 'Find', -1 ); CreateEditText(dialog, 5, 'this', 24); CreateStaticText( dialog, 6, 'Replace', -1 ); CreateEditText(dialog, 7, 'that', 24); SetFirstLayoutItem(dialog, 4); SetBelowItem( dialog, 4, 6, 0, 0 ); SetRightItem( dialog, 4, 5, 0, 0 ); SetRightItem( dialog, 6, 7, 0, 0 ); AlignItemEdge( dialog, 5, kLeft, 1, kShift ); AlignItemEdge( dialog, 7, kLeft, 1, kShift ); IF RunLayoutDialog(dialog, Dialog_Handler) = 1 THEN BEGIN result := Count((((PON='Device') | (PON='EquipItem')) & (('Device'.'name'= this) | ('EquipItem'.'name'= this)))); IF result= 0 THEN AlertCritical('no devices or equipment found', 'check that the Find value is correct'); ForEachObject( renameEquipment, (5 & NOTINREFDLVP & ((PON='EquipItem') & ('EquipItem'.'name'= this)))); ForEachObject( renameDevices, (5 & NOTINREFDLVP & ((PON='Device') & ('Device'.'name'= this)))); END; END; Run(renameDeviceEquipment);
  23. Hi everyone! I've started this topic as a place to post any scripts that are handy for ConnectCAD. These will all be unlocked and free for you to edit and hack around to fix other problems. Conrad
  24. Hi @Ben59 Could you PM me the file so I can see? Conrad
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