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  1. Hi @AlexSawaya Yes! Insert Truss tool is fine. but Straight Truss Tool is problem when it vertical. Different place between Top/plan and 3D view. I rather straight truss is better than other truss. just looks nicer! Thank you AlexSawaya
  2. Hello, I have an issue with Straight truss tools. It looks different location between 2D and 3D. (Top/Plan, Top) when it 90˚ Hanging angle. Thank you. Best regards, Harry. truss_test.mp4 truss_test.vwx
  3. Hello Mark, Would you let me know when the bugs are going to update? Thanks~
  4. Hello Mark, I updated my vw to SP2 today. it seems like we still have a problem...do you know when it is going to fix? Thank you
  5. Hi Mark, I found the Custom Plan Rotation!! That's is new!! Another question! When the VW20 downgrade to older version ( I tested with vw16). the floor light's Z axes are not correct. I checked Set 3D Orientation. X Rotation is 180. forum_Test.vwx forum_Test_v2016.vwx
  6. Thank you Vasil, Would you check one more my file? what is it wrong with this file? I checked as default ... My Vectorworks also SP4 (490894) Kind regards, Harry. TO_CAD.vwx
  7. Here is the file. Thank you Vasko~!! cad_test.vwx
  8. Hello professionals~ Here is my current situation, Design layer 1 : 1 truss and Lighting symbols. Design layer 2 : duplicated from Design layer 1. Exported to DWG. only 1 design layer is in 3D.The other desing layer is in 2D. Did I correct to exported to DWG? How could I export to DWG for all design layers in 3D at once?


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