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  1. Hey Everyone .. So realizing my sheet #'s are just sort of Random. I use the A-1, A-2, for major Groundplans R-1, R-2 for Renderings then it gets foggy L-1 could be "L"obby or "L"unch ! Does anyone have a good system? Would be great if we all used the same! thanks
  2. Have no idea why this is happening. in OpenGL - they look great in RenderWorks - they look bloated and aliased ??? Help please (pics enclosed)
  3. Duh - in VectorWorks service select library of downloads
  4. I think the 2 part plan - windows and then symbol for the wire rope supports is a good plan - will give it a try Thank you all
  5. Hello all - Doing a job at the new Whitney Museum and am trying to recreate their curtain wall. I'm pretty new to curtain walls - and have not found a good visual guide to the parameters. Enclosed is a photo. If anyone would be so kind as to point me towards the correct settings - it would be much appreciated. Thank you Ethan
  6. I'm having the same issue in 2015 SP3 ??
  7. Found a great calculator here: http://rechneronline.de/sehwinkel/angular-diameter.php
  8. FYI all - via VectorWorks Support: ____ The rendering will get you close but it’s not exact. We place the geometry at a distance from the light source and utilize the spread of the light to project the size. Since the location of the gobo varies in the optical path of the real lighting fixture we can’t be 100% accurate. We recommend to send the details to the gobo manufacturer and let them confirm the image size based on the fixture and the throw distances. ____
  9. Hello all -- In need of some quick help. I'm trying to line up a bunch of custom gobos on a wall that have a pattern. I'm trying to show the client what that pattern will look like. When I use the "Spotlight>Visualization>Create Gobo" Tool - it creates the Renderworks Texture --- Is this texture photometrically accurate based upon the gobo file? I have included a screenshot and the PNG. The lights in question are about 34-44' from the wall They will be vl4000 right now they are drawn in as Mac700s - because for some reason the VL symbol was not projecting gobos in RenderWorks. Field / Beam angle is 35º all around. Any help (especially quick help) appreciated !! thank you Ethan
  10. On the focus point tool, you have the option to choose a "Vertical Oval" - this places the plane perpendicular to the floor - I think this is what you are asking?
  11. ugh - I just ordered the CADmouse - will report back in
  12. I have not been able to map the side buttons on my SpaceNavigator with VectorWorks. Has anyone else? I'd like to toggle quicly between OpenGL and FastRenderWorks! And the radial menu. Any luck? e
  13. I'm trying to save the clicks and menus when coming from the web. I have to 1- Browse the image 2- Save the image 3- import the image within image prop tool 4- settings of imageprop I would like to drag-drop image into file convert-to-imageprop settings of imageprop e
  14. Wondering what people are thinking .. Tried the MX Master ($99 - new one) and I liked the tracking - but did not like the button placement. Does anyone have any other recommendations?
  15. Yes - seems like a simple Convert Image to ImageProp command would do the trick Thanks!
  16. Hi - So there are several great images as symbols that ship with VectoWorks - such as the Entourage Figures. Is there a way to convert these to Image Props within VectoWorks? This would also work with copy/pasted images from the web; such that you did not have to save them to disk first (faster Thank you ethan
  17. Thanks Quick question - Once the report is made, is it possible to go back and edit / reorganize the chosen fields? I can edit the Criteria on what objects are to be reported on. But I can't seem to edit the fields being reported? Sure I'm missing something simple ?? thank you
  18. Hi - Question: What is the best way to run a report for softgoods? I'm trying to build a rental list from the plug-in parameters. thank you Ethan Spotlight & Landru customer
  19. This seems like a no brainer When do we see a 3D Dimensioning tool ???
  20. I really need to IMPORT FBX files ... There are alot of models that are in FBX / MAX and I can't get them into vWorks 2015 Is there a good workflow on Mac ??
  21. Having the issue BIG TIME today March 4th - is there a fix ?????
  22. Thank you Benson. System works great. E
  23. Hi All using a RW as background and Hidden line as forground in a render. I'm hoping to change the line color of the Hidden Line overlay to a gray -- the black is too strong for my needs (trying to show a seam between scenic flats). any ideas? thank you Ethan


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