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  1. Hi Pat, Current, the database headers row just says things like "=(Window.IDPrefix)". When I try to add criteria, it either just makes all rows say the same thing, i.e. "=(Window.IDPrefix)(NOTINDLVP & NOTINREFDLVP & (L='Floor Plan 1'))" or the change doesn't actually take. Again, I think there's something wrong I'm doing with the criteria, but I don't quite know what.
  2. Hi All, I am having an issue with my window, door, and room finish schedules in this file that I am not sure how to address. Each item is showing up multiple times (see attached image). When I choose 'Select Item' while I have the worksheet, they all are selecting the same item, so I know that I don't have a copy of the object somewhere else by accident. The only thing that I can think of that might be related is that we've recently started using design layer viewports, so I have some viewports of the plan in question on other layers. But I cannot seem to find a way to exclude these/create criteria that will stick... I've tried unchecking the Design Layer Viewports options under 'Insert/Criteria', but when I close that dialogue box, nothing is different. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong there?
  3. Hi! We have recently switched to using the title block tool and tied our custom title block symbols to a record format for automatic drawing coordination. We then use a report to generate the table of contents automatically. If we have some sheet layers that we want to show our title block, but not include in the ToC, is there a way to tell the worksheet to not included the content in those rows? Or is there another way to work around this that I haven't thought of? Thanks!
  4. Finally after several painful days of uninstalling and reinstalling things... it is fixed! The technician who fixes my computer was able to remote in and try a lot of things. He says he's not entirely sure which thing it turned out to be but that I could recommend the .net repair utility. Also "compatibility mode" for windows 7 + force admin. I don't know if that is helpful, but I wanted to put it here in case anyone else ever presents the same problem.
  5. It was a situation where I sent the computer to a technician and, of course, the tower turned on fine when it got there. X_x So I don't think the technician made any changes other than running a bunch of updates. But other than Vectorworks I have not had any problems since the tower came back from the shop.
  6. Yes, I uninstalled the .NET framework 4.5.2 and all of the Visual C++ files from the Control Panel -> Programs screen every time I ran through these steps.
  7. Hi Everyone! I'm having a huge problem, and I am wondering if anyone has thoughts or creative solutions. I currently cannot open Vectorworks on my home workstation (I'm working at home while our office is renovated), because of a side-by-side configuration error like the one described here: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/699/Side+By+Side+Error+-+Windows I had an issue with my computer last week (blue screen, wouldn't turn on) that resolved itself, but afterwards, VW wouldn't open. I have tried the steps described in that kbase page. At the suggestion of the Service Select technician, I have tried a slightly different set of steps in which I use Microsoft Update to reinstall .NET Framework and allow the Vectorworks Installer to add Visual C++. I've tried uninstalling my anti-virus and running those steps again. Every time when I reinstall Vectorworks, I have the same error. Has anyone come across this before and found a DIFFERENT solution to this error than the .NET Framework problem? I'm starting to feel a little desperate. I've now been without the program for several days and I have deadlines that I am starting to sweat over. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Are you looking in the right folder? The Libraries are located in C:/Program Files/Vectorworks2015/Libraries, not in C:/users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/Nemetschek/Vectorworks/2015/Libraries I ran into the same trouble and had to ask the tech folks.
  9. Hi Pat, Thanks! I wish there were an easier way to work between the record and the object info palette, but this will let me find the information, at least.
  10. Hi! My current door schedule has a column called Glaz. Style. In the Database Headers it is call out as =('Door'.'Glazing') but it's currently reporting #NAME? for all rows. I cannot figure out where in the door settings this piece of data is located. Is there any quick way to find out where a specific item on a report queries? (And vice-versa, is there a quick way to know what the equation for a specific setting item is?) Thanks!
  11. Hi All! Running into a slight stylistic snag. When I combine using the new Text Styles with the Callouts tool, it seems to cause some things to look weird. I want the callout shoulder to line up with the middle of the first character (see the picture labeled 'good') but sometimes it doesn't (see the picture labeled 'bad'). It seems to be endemic to a specific text style, but I haven't succeeded in finding what setting is controlling this. Has anyone else come across this?
  12. I've mostly been working in files that were converted from 2010, so that is where I've observed it. However, I tried opening a new 2015 blank document, and while I was messing with that I think I've found a clue/answer. When I followed the steps before, entering the Design Layer through a viewport and exiting through 'Return to Viewport', any setting that I changed was lost. However, if I exit through choosing a Sheet Layer through the Active Layer dropdown, INSTEAD of clicking 'Return to Viewport' it saves the changed layer option setting. Not sure why that might be.
  13. So, the layer options by default are set to a certain thing? Is it possible to update this in existing documents, or only for new ones? I am entering the design layer via double-clicking on a viewport. Once I am in the design layer, I change the layer option from what starts as (Show/Snap/Modify) to what I want (Show/Snap). Then I click the 'return to viewport' button in the top right of the screen. When I enter the same design layer via double-clicking on the same viewport, the layer option has reset to what it was previously (Show/Snap/Modify). This only seems to be true in some files, so I assume they somehow have a different default set.
  14. Is there a way to set what you want the default layer option to be? That is, to tell Vectorworks that I always want the layer option to default to Show/Snap Others? I have a file (it was originally started in Vectorworks 2010 and then was upgraded to Vectorworks 2015) that seems to have the default set to Show/Snap/Modify Others. Every time I go into the Design Layer, Layer Options is set to Show/Snap/Modify. If I change it to Show/Snap and return to the Viewport, the next time I go into the Design Layer it is set to Show/Snap/Modify again! I pretty much never want to use Show/Snap/Modify as my Layer Option, and I would love to not keep having to change it every time I got to the Design Layer. Thanks for the help!


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