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  1. Thanks @StephiPoole! Much appreciated Will see if anyone on my team can help with the Drawing Label tool question - -
  2. I am currently rendering hidden line section (clip cube) viewports in VWX 2021 - it is maddeningly SLOW. From what I've read - everything outside the VP crop is rendering? I generally enjoy using VWX but sheeting views that take 20+ minutes to render make feel insane. It's not functional software. I could have traced the view in illustrator and imported 2D vector lines in the time it has taken me to update a hidden line viewport. Please fix this issue!
  3. Running into this weird thing where the "bubble scale factor" is greyed out and I cannot change this default property of the drawing label. Why is this happening and how do I fix this?
  4. Minor emergency - all my sheets in a document have become GREY and everything is locked. WHY??? How do I unlock???? I did not assign anything to a new class!!
  5. OK = so I created a custom view from a large-ish model and cropped in on it to create the desired view on the sheet layer. Rendering it as Open GL with Hidden line foreground. Taking 5+ minutes to render. Is this a typical render time for something like this? See attached images - note the cropped viewport and the entire model seen with "edit crop" active (for reference). I assume when I press update render - everything is rendering in the model? Not just what I am seeing in the viewport? Any comments or help appreciated - I'm new to VWX OBV!!
  6. Awesome! @barkest Very helpful!
  7. Thank you @JustinVH I am importing lines from Rhino. I am having to convert these lines into polygons to activate the option to "close" them. Before converting to polygons this "closed" box was not appearing. I had to find another thread to learn about line types. LOL
  8. Updating the default drawing label to align to my preferences (when creating viewports) is still alluding me.
  9. Hi Jim - Yes same segmentation appears after exporting to PDF. I have every resolution setting I can find maxed-out highest quality. Still cannot achieve a smooth curve for the modeled part appearing in plan in open GL. See attached viewport/sheet settings.
  10. Related question - re. viewports in 300 dpi sheets and model appearing in design layers with maximum OpenGL quality selected Attached images show curving geo looking good+smooth in the model, and appearing segmented + chunky in plan, 2D on the sheet layer despite 300 dpi and max render quality selected, both open GL. Cannot seem to find an explanation for this - - - can anyone help?
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