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  1. Thanks Jim, Uninstalling that auxiliary software has fixed the problem Thank you
  2. Hey All, I have just done a fresh install of windows 10 and VW crashes about one minute after opening. The drawing windows first becomes unresponsive then VW crashes. I have also found Sketchup also crashes but Light Converse has no problem. Has anyone else had problems with Win10 and AMD drivers? Have tried older driver versions with no success. Here are the system specs. GIGABYTE B85M-HD3 i7 4770 @ 3.4GHz ATI R390 ASUS STRIX-R9390-DC3OC-8GD5-GAMING GPU DRIVER 16.7.1 (LATEST) 16GB DDR3 DUAL CHANNEL 250GB SAMSUNG SSD I had no issues on the same computer with Win7
  3. Thanks Guys, appreciate the clarification.
  4. Is there a hard limit to the amount of lighting objects you can display as on in open gl. when I have more then nine nights each object from the ninth onwards does not come on.
  5. Will Vectorworks utalise either of these two add in processing cards in the future?
  6. Okay, cool. Would be great if this tool could work for everything again just like it has in the last three or so versions of spotlight. Why? A. I don't want to use Align/Distribute, the menu is several more clicks. B. Align/Distribute is not as efficient. I just want to click between points and distribute what I have selected. C. This is the workflow I have developed when using VW. Changing the software to hinder that workflow is frustrating. Please have this fixed in the next service pack.
  7. Align distribute used to work with any object now it only works with lights. This sucks hard, how can this be made to work again?
  8. Is there a way of getting the total weight of a lighting position for rigging purposes?
  9. A feature that is really annoying me in v2015 is the view changing projection settings to perspective & openGL without me changing so every time I want to change from from to top view I have to set the rendering back to wire frame & orthogonal view. It's like some kind of default setting that I don't want. Does anyone know how to change this? Best regards
  10. Whay does VE crash all the time. I've had about five crashes just today on two different computers on two different projects! just now all I was doing was basic 2D and bam! crashed again. wasting 20min work. It's at a point that I curse if I forget to save before rendering because I don't know if VW will make it to the end with out crashing. Today same view crashed the first time then second try it was A-OK WHY? WHY? WHY?
  11. Hey All, Can anyone please give me a tip on joining intersecting arcs and lines into one poly line? cheers
  12. Does any one have a Global Truss F54 3m Symbol? it's not available on the site.
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