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  1. To further expand on this which I have asked for before, is to be able to simply drag and drop into sub classes and between sub classes to prevent having to re type them all the time, much quicker. Only available within main organization window and not the pallette to prevent accidental moving.
  2. Thanks for everyone replying markdd sorry but your file would not open for me. I played with it a bit more and for some reason if I created the script from new, I could not get it to work at all so I played with the first one I wrote and found that layers DO have affect with this, so I simply changed each little script line to (ALL) in the that layer bit and hey presto, it now works perfectly!! I have tested it by exporting it into an old job with a lots of layers and classes and indeed it works there too, so I just started a new project and have not stopped using it. This is proving to be the most important workflow tool I can use now. Now to tackle the plug-in manager to get more options. I'm happy to share this script should anybody like it but unfortunately don't know how to share just this so if somebody could tell me would be happy to do it. I don't understand why this should be in ozcad and not in other worldy versions, surely this should be available to all. For such a simple and important workflow tool (for me anyway), c'mon vectoworks please implement this as still need a visual feedback to show when objects are hidden/isolated.
  3. Thought I'd try this on an old project by importing the script palette, but it did not work 😞 When creating these scripts, is layer and class also considered? As I think this is where it is not working. Due to this logic, I have gone back to re make this as new but now show is not working at all🤔 I'll keep trying but again, why can't something so simple be implemented into the program as for those of us who have never or cannot understand scripting???
  4. Hi markdd. Thanks so much for your advice. I have done what you have suggested and it so far seems to work great!! Only thing I cannot work out though is how to get this as a custom command to add to the right-click contextual menu (although I have it set as a auto hide palette for now which is fine). After a bit of digging, does it need to be done using the plug in manager? For such a useful command which can be turned on in vectorworks (but only if your shown how), why is this not implemented?? BTW please vote up if you like
  5. Suggestion: Isolate - I pick an object I want to see entirely by itself (not using clip cube), right click and select 'isolate object'. Everything is hidden except that object so I can now focus on it. A red exclamation marker is shown in the bottom bar (like the notification bell) to show that an object have been isolated. Click on this mark and select un isolate objects to return to normal. Hide - There is an object in the way of my view so I would like to hide it, right click and select 'hide object'. The object is hidden from view and again a red exclamation mark is shown at the bottom bar. Objects can be added to this 'hidden mode'. Click on that mark and select show all objects to return all back to normal. Reason: To many times am I having to cut an object and then paste in place to do work. And to cut more than one object, you have to select those objects together as you can only cut once. And OMG when I have forgotten to paste in place..... undo, undo, undo!!! You may think well just turn of the class, but what if the objects are in the same class. There are times when I know I am going to have to keep hiding objects so I have to reclass just for this, time consuming and not required for annotating. Or select all and deselect the object in question and then cut, but again this can cause problems. I know this is a tool in other well known cad programs so can we please have this to save time an improve workflow.
  6. Hi Katharine, I feel your pain and thankfully haven't come across the separate sheet view bug yet. Think that one would drive me even more crazy! The show unit mark is happening for me more frequent now and even though we are making a conscious effort to try and stop it, its still getting through to the printed drawings! I'm also now struggling big time with opening Vectorworks because of the loading bug when it gets to 'checking activation'. It once took me half an hour to get it to open! Think I'm going to go back to 2017.
  7. Hi and thanks for the answer. Ive had a look at the rename classes tool and it doesn't work for me. I seem to be unable to merge classes to a group class using a prefix without retaining the original class names, they simply merge to one class. If you understand what I mean. The projects I work on are relatively small and bespoke so I often don't always have the same classes as they are created as I go along which is why the drag and drop method would be so simple and more usable than the tool mentioned which still takes some planning and is a bit convoluted. I definitely understand that it gets confusing when there are grouped objects with different classes, I get this often, but since my projects are never really that big, its easily sorted. I would much rather this trade of so I could easily drag and drop classes around in the organization box, hence the name of this box. Cheers
  8. Situation - I start modelling and classing objects as I go along. As the model progresses I want to turn some classes off to hide certain elements, but there are so many classes I need to turn off, its a pain turning individual ones of to hide what I want. Solution - Create a group class and drag the classes I need to turn off into it, allowing me to just turn of one class and being able to organise classes quickly and with ease. I know you can create groups by labelling with a - in between, but after creating 20 classes and going to each one to rename is completely tedious and daft to me, when something so simple like what I have suggested could be done. Apologies if there is already a way to do something like this, and if there is please tell me. Cheers
  9. Hi David, Yes this is a very annoying bug and is not user error. Just keep an eye on your sheets before publishing!
  10. It has drove me nuts as it would turn on without me realising until I had published and printed so this week I got in touch with support. This was their response - Thank you for your support query, this is a known bug within Vectorworks 2018 which has been submitted to the engineering team in the US. We are hoping this will be fixed within future service packs for Vectorworks 2018. We do not have an ETA as yet on the bug but are hoping this will be fixed soon. At least I'm not going crazy and it has been recognised, just hope it gets sorted soon.
  11. Hi and thanks for the replies. I am using a template saved with the option turned off. When I open this template, it is indeed turned of but it is still turning itself back on at random times. My 2 colleagues in my office who are also using the same version, are experiencing exactly the same problem, and we all have our own template. Cheers
  12. Hi, updated to 2018 SP1. The option - show unit mark within document settings/units, keeps turning itself on randomly. Its happening with drawings created within this new version and with old. Ive tried to find out what is causing it but it seems completely random at times although I can get it to turn itself back on if I go into edit title block border settings and back out. This is certainly a bug that is bugging me as I'm turning it off nearly every 10 mins at times. Thanks
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