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  1. thank you - they are new to me. Makes a mess of my drawings
  2. I have just upgraded to vwx2021 from vwx2020. Drawings with reference markers now show red 'ears' near the marker, but only on screen. They don't seem to print out. Why? How can I get rid of them please?
  3. Thank you Pat, good advice. How many 'operations' do you set for backup? Making a copy each morning is also a great idea; if only I was that sensible & disciplined! only myself to blame — onsite and offsite copies only help if I haven't overwritten the file automatically, as Time Machine and Dropbox do (I use both).
  4. Is there any way to adjust Autosave so that it saves, say, the last 3 saves AND one from 12 hours ago, & 24 hours ago, & 48 hours ago? I have set 5 saved files, but sometimes find the mistake I made was more than 5 saves ago; perhaps in the morning when I have been working all day; and the autosaves don’t have what I need. Another intelligent request; could autosave have some way of not interrupting an operation under way? Like half-way through drawing a polygon! Perhaps schedule the save for the first ‘idle’ time after the due time?
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