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  1. I would like to see filters added to the list of things saved views recall. I would also like to be able to change filters and have them update saved views with the redefine function. I attended the Project Sharing Webinar by @Peter Pihlbladand he also mentioned he would like to see this feature request. Thank you! Bill Rios
  2. @Pat Stanford This happens in Windows as well. @jda I switch between a few different monitor situations because my main machine is a laptop so I have home/work/school/couch situation depending on where I"m working. I end up setting up different work spaces to meet my pallet needs. However, if I'm not diligent, then my pallets will end up in all kinds of different locations if I use the wrong work space/monitor setup. All that to say that I share your pain.
  3. It would be great if we could generate label legends for hang positions. Is this a feature in 2020?
  4. I'm on VW2019 SP3, and this is still a problem. Help?
  5. Bump I'm excited to make contact with @MDier. Thanks!
  6. Not sure if I'm doing something dumb, but I'm trying to get my inventory report correct, but the quantities I am entering won't stay. Specially I'm trying to reflect that I have 2 Solawashes and 2 Solaspots. Help? TYA-OBT-2019.vwx
  7. I heard on a podcast, Light Talk, that Vision is available for free to students. Is that true? Will it be true? Pretty please?


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