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  1. Hello hive mind! I've been trying to create a data tag that reports the weight of lighting fixtures that are hung but not the pipe weight. With no lights, my pipe reports Add a couple of lights and the data tag adds the weight like it's supposed to. Also, and not why i'm posting but still strange, when I delete both lights, the weight doesn't go back to the pipe weight but stays at the weight where it had the last instrument. Here is the data tag definition i'm using currently: Can someone please help me clean this up? Thank you!!!
  2. Thank you all for your responses. I'll contact Tech support and appreciate the work around. @JBenghiat I'm unsure how many objects the file had. I know the purge removed a couple hundred of items. @Sam Jones I totally could of made a functional key with the time I spent watching VW spin. I'll probably utilize the group method moving forward. I'll also be moving the venue drawing into a separate file and referencing it as a DLVP to reduce the number of objects the file needs to check against. Thanks all! Really appreciate your input!
  3. The instrument summary tool is so slow. I finally got it to stop crashing by purging unused symbols in my file. However it still takes 30 seconds plus to open the build list. This makes me not want to use this tool. Can someone help me with strategies to speed up this tool and the resources involved? Thank you!
  4. Josh! Thank you for the quick answer! I'm not sure I completely understand how to setup a multi circuit fixture, but was able to manipulate some stock symbols to get my work done. Much appreciated!
  5. Hello, I'm interested in having an option to force Symbols into the active class when inserting into the drawing. I understand that you can adjust this in the Symbol options, but a lot of VW Cloud symbols are set to to draw in a specific class and it is tedious to change all of those as you draw. Please and thank you!
  6. @markdd Thanks for your help today. Should I re-post this as a feature request then? An option to force symbol insertion into the active class?
  7. Mark, Thank you for the quick reply. Let me re form my request. Can symbols that are in the VW libraries default to inserting into the active class? I a lot of symbols are drawn so they default to the class they were drawn in. That was a direct import from the VW Cloud libraries. Or, can there be an option to override that and make all symbols import as active class? It is a bit tedious to have to go to every symbol and change this option. Sorry if I'm missing something basic. Cheers
  8. When I insert a symbol from the VW Cloud libraries, I would like a setting to insert that symbol into my drawing in the active class. I don't mind the internal geometry having specific classes that need to be maintained, but I would like to govern how the symbols themselves are inserted into my drawing. If this exists already, my apologies. I have not been able to find a way to make this happen. Thank you for all you do!
  9. @Alex Sagatov That worked! I changed the default opacity back to "Use Class Fill Opacity" Saved and reopened and everything is solid again. Thank you! I needed another set of eyes to see this. Weird that VW draws the lighting fixtures at the attribute pallet on open vs at class level like drawn? Should this be submitted to VW as a bug?
  10. Hello, I'm having an error in a file. This error has moved from VW 2020 to VW 2021, so it must be the file. When I open the file, all lighting fixtures seem to have a transparency. When I nudge a fixture, it turns solid. The solid state doesn't save with the file. I saved this as a new file with today's date, closed and reopened and the fixture is transparent again.. This doesn't seem to be tied to any class attributes that I can find. I happens on the design layer and effects the sheet layers as well. I tried removing breaking all references as well, and same results. Please help! This was a show that was canceled because of Covid but I'm trying to use this file to teach from. Thank you in advance! 09-VW-Elixir-09.30.2020-Fix.v2021.vwx
  11. I would like to see filters added to the list of things saved views recall. I would also like to be able to change filters and have them update saved views with the redefine function. I attended the Project Sharing Webinar by @Peter Pihlbladand he also mentioned he would like to see this feature request. Thank you! Bill Rios
  12. @Pat Stanford This happens in Windows as well. @jda I switch between a few different monitor situations because my main machine is a laptop so I have home/work/school/couch situation depending on where I"m working. I end up setting up different work spaces to meet my pallet needs. However, if I'm not diligent, then my pallets will end up in all kinds of different locations if I use the wrong work space/monitor setup. All that to say that I share your pain.
  13. It would be great if we could generate label legends for hang positions. Is this a feature in 2020?
  14. I'm on VW2019 SP3, and this is still a problem. Help?
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