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  1. I have been using Vectoworks Spotlight for not long for the lighting fixture libraries. Now I have to work to create the truss library as well. On the internet I did not find a precise guide, but scattered information that I tried to reconstruct. To create a truss (straight, circular, angular) the procedure should be the following: - Build the geometry, also inserting two locus points in the center of the lateral cross sections. - Convert it to a symbol. Insert the truss record and fill in the data. - Use Braceworks to convert this symbol to truss. - Enter the technical data (dimensions, weight, moments of inertia, type of material, etc ...) and specify the connection points. I state that I do not have Braceworks, so before proceeding with the purchase I would like to make sure that it is necessary. My fine is to create this library and proceed to insert it into Vectorworks. My questions are as follows: - Is the procedure for processing a library as described? - I sent my library of light products a few months ago to my local distributor. He informed me that the request has been forwarded to Vectoworks but they have not been informed when it will be posted. Is there the possibility of having a contact to insert this library? I apologize in advance if I wrong topic. Vito
  2. Hello All, I have recently started using Vectoworks, forgive me for my low knowledge of the software. My pupose is to create a moving head. I performed this procedure: I created the three 3d parts (base, arms, and body which also includes a group of lenses). I have assigned the Parts record to the various parts. In the plan I have inserted a drawing on 2d, which obviously reflects the geometry of the symbol. I selected everything and Edit> Create Symbol. I gave the name and done ok and entered the central insertion point. I assigned the Light Info Record and Light Info Record M to this symbol and entered the values. After saving everything, I tried to insert it in a truss but I encountered these problems: Pan and Tilt don't work: I can only rotate the whole symbol, but not the head, arm and base. It is not inserted in the center but misaligned. Can I get some advice on where am I wrong?
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