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  1. @tbexon Could please try this pip3.exe in the attached archive pip3.zip 1.Goto VW folder\Python35\Scripts 2.rename old pip3.exe to pip3old.exe 3.unzip new pip3.exe. 4.Start VW and try on your machine the script above that was giving the error "SyntaxError: Non-UTF-8 code starting with '\x90'" in file D:\Program Files\Vectorwork". Report the results here.If there is no more such a syntax error try to download PIL for Python 3.5 via Marioentte.VerifyOrgetLib and let me kknow about the result. pip3.zip
  2. @tbexon Thank you for the info. Could you please execute this script as well? import sys print("sys.getwindowsversion = ",sys.getwindowsversion())
  3. @Paolo If possible let the user execute the following script from the command line. Goes to Python folder of VW(Python35). import sys import locale print("sys.stdin.encoding = ", sys.stdin.encoding) print("locale.getpreferredencoding = ",locale.getpreferredencoding()) print("locale.getpreferredencoding = ",locale.getpreferredencoding(False)) print("sys.getdefaultencoding = ",sys.getdefaultencoding()) print("sys.getfilesystemencoding = ",sys.getfilesystemencoding())
  4. @Paolo , Could you please report the exact number of the build 2020 sp4 you are using? Could I have also any available information about windows (version, build), where the problem with pip 3 occurs. Do you have any other python installation on your PC ? I have tested your file Download PIL.vwx with 2020 SP4(551884), everything seems OK. I have Windows 10 Pro, build 1903. Please, take a look at the attached video. 2020-07-31-12-42-26.mp4
  5. @gester Please, could you try attached file.The links to wheel files were outdated, now they are fixed. PythonLibsNeeded_v2019.vwx


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