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  1. The Wacom is a sense of smoothness, of beauty.


    To those who consider trying the Wacom for healing some injuries, do take a large tablet.

    One of the reasons we get these mouse injuries is that we don't move. If they tied your hand the whole day on an object, you'd consider this a torture. It is. One that we inflict ourself.

    If you use a large tablet you will move. The larger the better.


    I have an A3 Wacom Intuos 3 and an M Wacom Intuos 5, which would be somewhat A4.

    I definitely see more benefit in the larger Wacom.


    Don't bother for the inefficiency (a large tablet is deemed inefficient).

    Don't bother about the price of the large Wacom, they last forever and beyond. It is for life.


    I am one who sits insanely long at a computer, more or less every wake moment and I definitely sleep too little.

    I came to the Wacom also through a variant of this forum many years ago with punishing pains and hand tendons so shortened that I couldn't write any longer with a normal pen.


    It all went back. The pain after 2 weeks, never to return, the tendons shortening took much longer, but even that healed after some time.


    The wide movements of using a pen on the A3 tablet.



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  2. 3 hours ago, C.T said:

    With the new Vectorwoks 2021 there is the great new feature 'Smart Options Display' I set in 'Vectorworks Preferences' to 'show with middle mouse button'. I am using a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet, where I have one of the buttons set as 'middle mouse' behavior. Which normally functions fine as a middle mouse button. But with this feature the middle mouse button provokes the 'pan' tool (as in the old days) most of the times and sometimes it will trigger the 'Smart Option Display'.

    I am experiencing a mouse clicking battle 😅 and would like to tum of the 'pan' function when using the 'middle mouse' button.
    Does anyone here knows a way around this please?

    @_c_ @hollister design Studio

    @Tony Kostreski @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD




    Ciao, you should be able to map the pen to keystroke Q. That should be by default your assigned key for the Smart Option Display (additionally to spacebar and middle-stroke).

    This was a truly well done feature showing deep foresight.

    You can change the key in your workspace:






  3. 40 minutes ago, hollister design Studio said:


    I really can't imagine how you all get by without a Wacom!



    Yes, the Wacom is one of the true pleasures in life, when one is drawing.

    And it heals  injuries no ergonomic mouse can ever even remotely hope to heal.

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  4. While on Mac I am overly happy with an Apple mouse and a large Wacom Intuos Tablet, on Windows I use a very old gamer mouse, a Rat Catz 3.

    And absolutely adore it.


    It couldn't be any less lady-like, so hide it if you have to pretend being a serious Italian lady architect.

    It won't do.




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  5. Dear @Kevin C, I agree with what you say, specially the need to redo the Notes Manager, I spoke about that so much, and probably in such an annoying way for those involved, that I won't do it again here.


    But I wish to add some comments about the Title Block. I love the Title Block. Now.

    That was one of the ugliest tools in VW. Insufficient, cumbersome, millions of clicks. Then we had a major rewrite: it did initially put us through one year of desperation. Many refused to upgrade because of what it became.


    But then.

    Then, they fixed what we asked to be fixed. They did. I don't know if there was ever such an extensive response to users' complaints. They even built in the ISO standards, something that they usually shrug off as useless. For the Title Block they went through a high quality revision. Unique, in my decades long haunting of the VW soul sphere.


    Now, going back to the needed communication with the ACAD/Revit world, what I can see, is that the tool does have indeed all in place to be able to manage data professionally AND we have the Excel communication, introduced by VW 2021. Sure we could have had Excel communication ages ago, no doubt. It would have done a lot of good to VW.


    Let's cross the finger and wait to see if we get a new chapter in the Title Block together with Excel.

    I don't have the time now, or I would love to try it.


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  6. 10 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

    Check out the data in the IFCStair:Pset_StairCommon. 


    I think that will get you everything you asked for except the width and walk line.


    @_c_ can you help with extracting data from the Stair object?


    Pat, I sent you a private message.


    I attach here a file with a worksheet collecting relevant things, for those who needs them and need an example.

    Stair CW all parms.vwx


    Anyway, always look into the .p files in your User Library. Computerworks adds things often.


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  7. I notice now that this is not the Vectorscript forum. 


    Anyway: You can move 2D and it will silently fail on 3D objects. The problem is the view: HMove is a screen view move and will move your object wrongly, depending on the active view. If you are in a command, you can simply save view, launch DoMenuTextByName('Standard Views', 1); { top plan } and restore at the end, after using HMove.


    Objects can also be "put flat" using SetPlanarRefIDToGround before doing move actions. For very complex plane situations it gets REALLY tricky. The absolute king of the move is @MullinRJ (Raymond Mullin) . He'll know all about this.


    More important, on my opinion: you should parse for locked objects.

    Referenced objects are also locked objects. They don't silently fail, they rise error if you try to manipulate them.

    isLocked := GetObjectVariableBoolean(h, 700);


    Other useful things (for those who don't know) and need to manipulate move actions:

    activePlaneIsScreen := GetPref(1099);
    objectIsScreenPlane := GetObjectVariableBoo(obj, 1160);


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  8. No, my bad: even with Excel export on, the folders don't create. I tried with the wrong setting, stupidly.

    Could a help string be added? We tend to believe that that option only excludes the PDF/DWG folder creation for collecting exports by type. We look into the 'DWG Export settings, but the options is not that one.


    Thank you!

    PS, you do know that the Excel export is not OK, I send you a report soon.


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