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  1. Thanks!! Maybe I should use the forum more often. Would be great if they put that toogle in the preferences as well. Again Thanks John T
  2. Hi, I hope someone can help me with "wall auto join". I have it checked off in preferences but the walls do not stay joined when moved. I have never had this problem before just seemed to happen between projects. I reinstalled vectorworks but still the wall do not drag together or stay joined. Any help is very much appreciated. John Towgood Vancouver Island
  3. I'm at a loss. Would be a great thing though. The way things are developing I would say essential.
  4. A client sent me a very well done terrain model from google earth. Its in sketch up. I import this file into VW and nothing. No terrain, building, layers or classes. Anybody no whats up? Is ther a way I can go straight from goggle earth and bring in a terrain model? John T.
  5. Wes...... that is inspirational "stuff". Amazing work.
  6. I usually like to work the structure first but the site has an amazing east view, a need for southern facing roof face for solar panels and a need for passive solar heat gain. So I've needed to work the shape to fit a structure. I'm giving sketch up a try right now. Fun for shapes johnt
  7. It a building in the massing stage and yes...funky. I always seem to be doing funky roofs. This one I'm trying to create simple but bold lines and I'm really having an issue with it. Thus the need to pull the shape around quickly. Maybe get 5 or 6 models and let the client give some direction. But for the life of me I can't get the cube to move one vertex at a time ie lift one corner of the roof with out entering the group and shaping each face. john t
  8. I want to make a solid model like the one attached. The only way I could achieve this is by taking a extrude and turning it into a nurbs object. Can you not take a cube and change the height of the individual corners? john t
  9. I tured my pline curve to a nurbs then changed the top. But seems cunky and I would like to put some thickness to it. john t
  10. Cool! Now what if I wanted to round off the top of the extrude?
  11. Michael could you turn that into a 2011 version I'd love to see how you did it!! john t
  12. I'm trying to make an image wrap on a object (a sign) that looks like a S in plan and two waves in elevation. The image is the sign created in photoshop. Is it possible to wrap an image on such a complex 3d object? John t
  13. Thanks guys. I have an E license and it sounds like from what I am hearing that it is ok. The other firm was concerned about their responsibility and felt that they needed to buy their own copy that I should use. But that is crazy as I'm the only one at the firm that knows VW and I will be producing the projects on my own. I might try to get them to upgrade me though :-). John t
  14. I design for my own firm. But if I started to work for another firm could I use my VW licence to create drawings under their banner. Johnt
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