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  1. You can use the tape measure tool on the Dims/Notes tool palette, though this would only work on straight sections. This tool may only be avail in the Designer/Arch version.
  2. Just make a roof face at the slanted floor slope you need. I would just use the wall tool for a typical beam> duplicate as necessary Make a viewport of the elevation>annotate viewport mode> add lines, polygons as needed, sometimes I add masks as well>exit annotation Good Luck
  3. I would recommend developing the model as much a possible in the Design Layer and keeping it as a 3D model to generate the viewport elevations from-you just loose to much connected data when you turn it into lines. Some people do use the viewport of the model more as a template to convert to lines and annotate to their needs for elevations though. You can create a viewport from a 3D model or a bunch of lines (or a model converted into lines) from the design layer. For your specific needs of custom muntins just create the correct window size and type for the model, use no muntins, and then annotate the viewport with lines to create the muntin pattern. The lines will stay linked to the view created for the viewport-and you can still edit the model. This same process can be done for other graphical needs on the viewport/elevations.
  4. Check and up the DPI in the sheet layer and see if that works-as a start. Maybe try importing it as a PDF (or other image file) instead.
  5. Isn't that typically an option in a printer's dialog box?-or at least save as PDF? That is how I normally do it. I can't think of a difference in output offhand but maybe there is.
  6. There are going to be limitations to every CAD app on the market but I find the 3D capabilities to be quite robust for our needs, certainly improvements are welcome. The floorplan design development document eventually becomes roughly half of the construction documents:plans, and the rendered presentation model derived from that document-which invariably sells (or at least best communicates to clients the design)-stripped of its textures -will produce all the elevations, sections and some details with graphical or text annotations as necessary. Each of those docs stripped down to their basics becomes the files sent to consultants. We don't design trusses or do the engineering for our projects-thats what the truss company and engineer does. I am sure there are more efficient ways and improvements to be made but the program produces what is necessary for us. We just presented two projects yesterday and the rendered model sold the designs. Granted we are a very tiny firm and do almost exclusively single-family home designs.
  7. Yeah they are pretty pathetic compared to xfrog though I already have a nice conifer in the presentation doc with a sketch hidden line overlaying a final quality renderworks viewport and the cartoonish Palm Tree from VW wont make the cut. Thanks though. Update- OMG I figured it out. Sorry, I have never used image props before (other than the defined ones with the xfrog symbols) so haven't really explored that file. I should have read cbaarch's reply more closely. So for those of you who want to know where they are open up the image prop high res folder (found in libraries) and they are hiding among the Toyota Camrys and fire hydrants. Yay! Cheers
  8. OK so it appears I'm not going crazy. Odd though that xfrog has some nice Palm Trees (I went to their website, but it seems they are not in the format that I can use) and VW has included so many of their impressive plant/image props for us to use-like, way more trees and plants that one could ever want-and not include three or four Palm Trees!? Not a biggie, just thought for sure they were hiding there somewhere. Thanks for all the replys to what is just a simple presentation wish. Cheers,
  9. But are they all found in the xfrog objects folder and files therein or is there another place that these image props related to xfrog can be found? (as per Peter's navigation suggestion which I am unable to duplicate) Thanks
  10. Hey Peter thanks for the shout out I can't navigate to that for some reason. The hierchy that I am able to access is VW>Libraries>Xfrog Objects and then the aforementioned files in that folder- I have tried both a VW search and a Spotlight search per your recommendation but that is not in my VW folder for some reason. From what I can discern I have Xfrog objects but cannot access or find: Libraries>Plants>Xfrog plant images> and so on... Any other hint would be much appreciated because I know they are hiding here somewhere. Have a client proposal meeting in a couple of days and ya think that a couple of Palm Trees are a part of the existing site/surrounding area here in San Diego?... :-) Thanks
  11. I am flumoxed! Just tell me that files in the XFrog library folder includes, 21 deciduous, 6 conifers, 2 shrubs and 1 others plus front and top for each of those catagories and no other files. ...cuz Palm Trees would only belong in others in that list and they do not reside there. Then I will give up because they are hiding too well for me to find. Thanks
  12. Thanks Katie, I'll keep looking. I am at this point finding a whole bunch of files labled: 21 deciduous files (are they somewhere in deciduous?-that doesn't make any sense), 6 conifers and 1 other (which seems to be desert plants) but seems like there just should be one saying Palm Trees- I know I stumbled upon them before... I definitely need to take some time and just pick a dozen or so plants and create a folder for quick access to create presentation drawings.
  13. Does someone know offhand which document that I can find Palm Trees in Xfrog? -I am going through/importing a favorite from every single Xfrog doc and not finding any. Thanks
  14. Computer list I use is updated, still old school but I think (hope) both will be supported for a bit longer. Trust me, I don't even attempt radiosity... Using OS 10.4 I am certainly used to the increased functionality provided vs 10.3- I can't even use widgets or Goggle Earth on this office machine. I am so salivating for a new MacPro and at least a 23" monitor and to be able to use my other monitor for pallets-hoping the "firm" -if you can call two people a firm- will provide some funding to that end...
  15. I am in the process of convincing my boss-I am the one and only CAD person in our two person firm-to jump from ArchiCAD which we also have and I struggle with, to now make the complete switch to Vectorworks 2008 now that I have been producing full CDs and nice 3D rendered models for our clients with Vectorworks 12.5, and she also concurs that the flexibility and graphical quality-at least with my more limited knowledge and ability with ArchiCAD-is superior with VW (I know ArchiCAD is a full featured program-I just don't get it very well). I still am on Mac OS 10.3.9 on this computer and will need to upgrade (I wish the computer but only OS for now) to Leopard when it comes out So... two things. One: Katie or Dave, I haven't read or heard anything on compatiblility with Leopard Mac OS 10.5? and two: those of you who are starting to use VW '08 what are the best selling points -workflow efficiency-I should be using to best convince my boss to pay up and upgrade soon?
  16. Go to Jonathan Pickup's great podcast http://web.mac.com/jpickup1/Site/podcasts/podcasts.html archoncad Listen to Pat and Dan's informative and entertaining podcadtv http://www.podcad.tv/podcad/Home.html Check out hints on Vectorworks hints on the dispatch On all of these go throught the archives- I learn something new everytime And don't discount this Forum as I don't think there is a more responsive and helpful group out there for you-just ask. Just a few-I'm sure there are more ...and DTM's are hard- also, when you come across something that seems overwhelming-especially 3D related-just give a shout out to islandmon-he seem's to have the answer to everything. ;-) Good Luck
  17. Lately I have been having some issues with the add surface command in edit group mode on a roof surface. After pasting and placing a polygon over the roof polygon and then selecting both> add surface the roof polygon dissappears and the new polygon which I wanted to add remains-which is neither add surface or clip surface-over and over again. I end up double clicking the roof and editing its geometry (adding nodes) using the new polygon as a template but not the quickest way to achieve what should be instantaneous results. A hiccup or a bug? Doesn't happen all the time but enough to irk me.
  18. Yeah actually doesn't have a crop- DUH! Automatically is resizing per the new data. Also was having an issue with Section Viewport Crops but figured out defining the section parameters was the way to go there. Anyhoo thanks for the quick response Cheers
  19. Can someone please tell me how to find and select to edit the Viewport Crop when I have assigned it a 0 line weight? When in the edit mode there is nothing to select-even >select all will not find the geometry of it. Thanks
  20. I'm not quite sure if this will help but if you haven't put your "suns" into different classes and then save the viewport with only that class on it should, if not continue to update, at least easily be able to always access that saved view/time.
  21. What parameter do I need to input to always show window hinge lines in various render modes? Specifically, why do all of my windows (and doors) show hinge direction in wireframe, as I have selected in OIP, yet only some are showing the hinge line when in hidden line or other render modes? I can't tell the difference in settings or OIP between those that are and those that aren't. Thanks
  22. Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Taking a quick look there looks like I will find exactly what I'm looking for. Update- I had no idea how easy that could be, shoulda done it sooner. Cheers
  23. I have been listening to the PodCAD podcasts and have also discovered Jonathan's ArchonCAD podcasts both of which are brillant resources of info and tips-kudo's to all of you producing these for us. I noticed in one of Jonathan's quick movies that he seemed to have additional items available in his context menu-particularily the "add/edit surface commands", I haven't edited my workspace at all but from my quick glance there it wasn't readily apparent how I might also add these items, which would be quite useful. Anybody (Jonathan?) have the info on how to do this? Thanks
  24. Go to the Layers Drop Down button (Or the Organization Dialog box) >Select -double click a layer-go to transfer mode> you will find a variety of different transfer modes there
  25. We have all experienced (and continue to, to some degree) the frustration that you are feeling-sometimes it seems borderline maddening. All the previous advice is very helpful. This is a complex multi-layered program and CAD itself is a challenging skill so you just have to stick with it to start getting the hang of it- read those manuals over and over again and try to have some fun. Your skills will start to take off. This is the best forum for CAD apps-folks here are very responsive and helpful. I am routinely ignored on the ArchiCAD forum that I am having to learn at a new job. I am sure they all think I'm an idiot for the obvious questions I have asked but learning a new platform brings on a whole new set of challenges. I keep asking though and you should too. Good Luck
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