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  1. You were right, I was in the wrong workspace. I switched to Architect and then I could export pdf's. Thanks for your help.
  2. I'm also not getting an error message. Vectorworks just stops responding. I don't think it's the plotter since it works properly when I don't use image fills. Am I going to have to give up using image fills?
  3. It says you can export in pdf format in version 2008. I just got 2008 for windows xp. When I go to export, there is nothing there for pdf's. I normally use pdf995, but I'd like the option to use Vectoroworks for pdf's. Can someone tell me what I'm missing?
  4. All of the fonts I use are arial. I don't think fonts are the problem. When I removed the image fills, I could plot. I'm assuming the image fills are alot to process for the plotter, like printing a high resolution photograph.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I drew a path, then selected both the object and the path line and it worked. I like the old way better.
  6. I just got Vectorworks 2008 for windows xp and can't seem to find the duplicate along a path icon. I use that tool all the time in previous versions of Vectorworks. I've tried to use it from the edit drop down menu, but it doesn't let me. Has this tool been changed in the new version?
  7. I just got Vectorworks 2008 for windows xp. I used image fills for a front elevation, showing stone, shingles and wood. I had GDI enabled to allow for some transparencies. When I went to plot on our HP Designjet 500, VW crashed. I tried 5 times. I ended up saving a screenshot and pasting it into Photoshop and plotting it that way. What should I do?
  8. When I open a v11.5 file in v12.5, the line weights in windows and doors change. Is there a fast way to change the window and door line weights in v12.5. Tech support was not much help. Anyone out there have a suggestion?
  9. I just upgraded from version 11.5 to version 12.5. When I open v11.5 files in v12.5, the window and door line weights are different than what I originally set in v11.5. I know how to correct them individually, but is there a setting that can prevent this from happening for all windows and doors? I'm I going to have this problem with all of my old files? Please help.


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