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  1. Hi VW hive, I have been asked to add a column within the window schedule worksheet that details the wall style that the windows sit in. i.e. Window W01, 1000mm width, 1400mm tall, First Storey, Sash opening, Wall type 5 Has anyone done something similar to this? I have added a column that recalls "WallTypeName" (function) but the output is always '#TYPES!' (see attached image) I am possibly (probably) missing something obvious here but I can't find an alternative output that would list the wall types that the windows are in. Could someone please help :)
    Awesome job. It would be amazing to have this feed in to the standard Door Schedule but I can see the problems in creating this. Also I second the other comment, panel, jamb and frame dimensions would be great to tweak. Cheers
  2. Hi all, Does anyone know of a way to add a further column to the 'Navigation - Sheet Layers' Palette? I was hoping to display the revision data alongside the sheet number, as it is not immediately obvious what revision status each sheet has without going through settings etc. Many thanks :)
  3. Hi Josh. Did you get a fix for this issue? I have created 3 site models recently that have all had this same problem. It's a little frustrating
  4. Sorry about that post, I just wanted to see what would happen if I attached something. Now I don't know how to delete it haha! My ineptitude could exceed the file size!
  5. Hi, sorry where are the files as attached? I often see this problem and don't understand where to download the files as referenced? Cheers


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