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This is a Marionette Object that can be used to simulate the WA67 Aluminum Clad Wood Folding NanaWall door. It allows you to set the panel width and height as well as the configuration and system. Based on these parameters, it calculates the overall frame width and height and creates a record format for the door that can be called in a worksheet. The insertion point of the door is the center left of the door, so if you choose a configuration with a different number of panels or you change the panel width, the PIO will extend or contract from the left (instead of from the center like regular door PIOs in Vectorworks). I would welcome feedback on the usefulness of this - is there something you would like it to do that it doesn't do? What does it do that you don't need it to do? As far as other types of NanaWalls (such as sliding panels), I am trying to figure out a way to script those as well.



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