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  1. Allen Brown

    Memory Usage Problem

    I'm using VectorWorks 2018 SP4 on an iMac Pro with 10 cores, Radon Pro Vega 64 GPU and 64 GB memory. Building sections have been taking an extremely long time to render and sometimes hang so I checked the Activity Monitor. Wow! 148 GB memory being used see attached. Anyone else have issues? -AB
  2. Allen Brown

    iMac Pro information

    10.13.5 is out!
  3. Allen Brown

    iMac Pro information

    Good to know!
  4. Allen Brown

    iMac Pro information

    Less frequent but still crashing. I always save before using the flyover tool. But I had infrequent crashes on my previous iMac too..
  5. Allen Brown

    iMac Pro information

    I'm not having a consistent problem with the flyover tool but it does crash once in awhile..
  6. Allen Brown

    iMac Pro information

    Since then has locked up once, no particular reason. I’ve mainly been rendering without issue. I’ll try some other tools.,
  7. Allen Brown

    iMac Pro information

    Downloaded and installed this morning:
  8. Allen Brown

    iMac Pro information

    Updated to macOS 10.13.4 and have been using VectorWorks 2018 SP3 on my iMac Pro all day. Hasn't crashed once!
  9. Allen Brown

    Foliage tool crashing Vectorworks

    That worked! Thanks for the tip..
  10. Allen Brown

    iMac Pro information

    Thanks Bob! FYI I'm comparing the iMac Pro with a two-year old iMac, configuration attached. Aside from frequent crashing with Vectorworks 2018 (which occurs on both machines actually although not as often), I'm getting used to the speed. When I use the iMac for comparison, it seems painfully slow. I've never been happy with the fusion drive setup, always seems to lag. Anything you'd like to test?
  11. Allen Brown

    iMac Pro information

    Just got an iMac Pro with the attached configuration. Although its much faster, especially with Renderworks, I'm experiencing frequent random crashes. It doesn't seem to be tied to anything specific, just ordinary tasks such as stretching or moving an object in top/plan. Hopefully the bugs will be worked out soon..
  12. Allen Brown

    Foliage tool crashing Vectorworks

    In Vectorworks 2018 SP2, every time I try to use the Foliage tool, Vectorworks quits. I select the tool, draw a poly line and .. crash. Is there a setting or something I'm missing? -Allen
  13. Allen Brown

    Sheet viewport class overrides revert to design

    No, I'll give it a try. Would save time changing back to the override settings. Still can't figure out why the settings are being lost..
  14. I've got a house design with multiple elevation viewports on sheet layers. Each sheet layer is a different combination of class settings and layers to illustrate several variations. The problem is that sometimes, not all times, the sheet viewports "forget" the override settings and revert to the current class settings. Huge waste of time to go back and change each material back to the override setting. Any thought on why this is happening?
  15. Allen Brown

    New Baseboard plugin from Andrea Facchinello

    This works great! However, I can't figure out how to use custom profiles. The video seems to show dragging a profile from the resource manager to the object info palette but can't get that to work. Any instructions?