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  1. Just received a new MacBook Air and of course immediately installed Vectorworks 2021 SP2. I've had no issues so far except turning off Ambient Occlusion in an OpenGL sheet viewport. Speed seems faster than my 2014 MacBook Pro..
  2. Never mind, forgot to check the pallet and activate. 🙂
  3. I'm having an intermittent issue selecting colors from a vendor pallet, say Sherwin-Williams. Usually I'm unable to select but once in awhile it works. No problem selecting from the standard color palletes. Anyone else and is there a fix? I'm using an iMac Pro with trackpad, latest Catalina, and both VW 2020 and 2021 with the same results..
  4. Just installed 2021 on both Macs running the latest Catalina update and started having a problem selecting from a list such as a color or model from a manufacturer or catalog. Exported back to 2020 with same results. Any similar experience?
  5. Here's the download workaround just in case.. VPDuplicatesSetPref.vwx
  6. The issue is the image prop will “face the camera” in open gl but not renderworks.
  7. My results on the test file for all renderworks modes are no autorotation.
  8. Thanks for confirming, I also tried some native tree objects with the same result..
  9. Using v2020, image props autorotate in Open GL but not Renderworks, worked fine in 2019. I've attached a sample file and screenshots of each. Anyone have a fix? Image Prop.vwx
  10. Trying to create a concrete panel model with a recess with an elliptical curved fillet. I was able to create the main part of the panel with an extrusion. Tried to create a profile and path for the curved top which worked but then can't add to the main panel through solid addition. Any ideas? I've attached the vectorwork file as well as a PDF of the model. panel.pdf panel.vwx
  11. Haven’t tried it yet but noticed the problem viewport was duplicated to the right when toggling settings. Because if the patch name, must have something to do with that.
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