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  1. Hi Katie We have tried updating the printer Driver for the Designjet and amazingly it is printing! If this starts happening again I will e-mail you the file. Thank you for your response, it is appreciated. Brett
  2. Katie, I forgot to mention this is an intermittent problem that doesn't occur in all files. The files start out printing rotated text fine only to have this problem occur during the drawing process. Would you mind if I sent you the file to look at? Brett
  3. Katie It is a Designjet 230. Brett
  4. Has anyone ever had experience with VW not printing text written at an angle? (except dimensions - angled text does print)Everything else prints fine. Printing to a HP Designjet from Windows. using VW Architect Version 9.5.0.
  5. If a dimension value is manually entered (ie "show dimension value" has been un-checked) it would be great to have an option to have VW revert the dimension value back to it's default value if the dimension line is changed. This would reduce the possibility of having incorrect dimension values showing after objects are modified.
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