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  1. Some basics for layer linking. When you have linked a layer it comes in "locked" i.e. it cannot be moved, rotated etc. You have to go to the Edit menu and choose "Unlock ". To delete a layer link you do not do this through a menu item. You simply click on the object on the screen and hit the delete key. (must be unlocked) We have found layer linking one of the best features of VW. Hope this helps. BG
  2. It would be great if we could assign a class to the fill/pattern within a wall. We would find this very helpful when layer linking plans & being able to turn off the fill. Is there already a way of doing this? Thanks BG
  3. I would like to know how people set up there framing / ceiling foundation plans etc. The layer linking off the "base plan" from which to draw over seems to be one method. but the control of the line type from the linked plan is impossible?. For example in a "floor framing plan" how does one show the walls under as dashed so as to make the framing layout over clearly represented. I am also aware of "greying" out classes layers etc.. but this is unsatisfactory for copying and reproduction. Any ideas would be much appreciated
  4. We have also noticed this & would prefer the group to only include the actual objects - not the arc centre points. BG
  5. Matthew, while you are suggesting easy ways of drawing... Is there a way of drawing an arc with a defined arc length? I cannot find any tools to be able to do this. The arc length is shown on the OI palette but it is not editable. Brett
  6. Hi Katie Yes, this is what is happening. Thanks for your reply. Brett
  7. When using the unconstrained dimension tool, if you pan (hold the space bar down) in the middle of dimensioning, the tool seems to stop working correctly. Has anyone else experienced this? Using VWA 9.5.1, Win98 Thanks Brett
  8. Hi Katie Thanks for your reply. I want to draw an arc (or curved wall) and be able to specify the radius & the arc length (not the chord length). I have tried the arc by 3 points but I can't seem to get this tool to do that. Regards Brett
  9. It would be nice if there was an additional arc tool - One that allows you to draw an arc and specify it's length. An editable box in the OI pallete that allows you to define it's length after you have drawn it would do.
  10. What is the best way to handle revisions to drawings?
  11. Hi Katie We have tried updating the printer Driver for the Designjet and amazingly it is printing! If this starts happening again I will e-mail you the file. Thank you for your response, it is appreciated. Brett
  12. Katie, I forgot to mention this is an intermittent problem that doesn't occur in all files. The files start out printing rotated text fine only to have this problem occur during the drawing process. Would you mind if I sent you the file to look at? Brett
  13. Katie It is a Designjet 230. Brett
  14. Has anyone ever had experience with VW not printing text written at an angle? (except dimensions - angled text does print)Everything else prints fine. Printing to a HP Designjet from Windows. using VW Architect Version 9.5.0.
  15. If a dimension value is manually entered (ie "show dimension value" has been un-checked) it would be great to have an option to have VW revert the dimension value back to it's default value if the dimension line is changed. This would reduce the possibility of having incorrect dimension values showing after objects are modified.
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