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  1. Thanks guys I will give it a go and get back to you...! Richie
  2. Hi I know absolutley nothing aout scripts aprt from what they do...! I have a situation that i have to scale various items (text, rectangles, circles....) all by '.5'. When I select all the items and choose scale objects from the Tool Menu it scales everything but does so relative to the entire selection, in doing so moves items out of there originally position. I can do each item individually but was wondering if it was possible to write a script that I could first select a single item and then press the script command (or appoint a keyboard command to it) to scale the object by .5.....? Not sure how clear that is.. Worth a try...! Richie
  3. Hi Chris Thats more like it. My mistake is that i had been trying to save from Illustrator instead of Exporting. I will play around with this and see how i get on. Thanks again. Richie
  4. Sorry Katie... you have lost me there. I am trying to import an eps and have it come into VW as a vector file not a bitmap image. I wasnt using Import image i was using import EPSF. Thanks Richie
  5. I have an Ilustrator eps file that i want to import into VW 10.5 and have it as an editable object/s. The file is mainly text that was originally a Quark document but exported to eps. Is there a way i can do this. I dont need to be able to edit the text or anything like that, its just that its a company logo and i want to have it exactly as it appears in the eps. At the moment when i import it, it comes in as a bitmap. As it happens I may have to make a small 3D model of it and dont want to have to draw it again. Thanks Richie
  6. Thanks alanmac.... that seems to have worked Regards Richie
  7. Hi I have been trying to import images into VW 10.5.1 on a G5 1.8 with 1.2gb or RAM. The images are 24bit 6000 x 1000 TIFF files. I get the following message on them all: It had worked previously but I can remember changing anything on my machine. Any ideas...? Richie
  8. Hi We have drawn a project with the wall tool in VW10.5.1 and have doors as symbols insercted into the walls. We now want to drop the walls form being 'walls' to being polygons but want to keep the door opes and the doors as symbols. When we try by selecting the walls and then using the 'convert to polygon' tool we loose both the door ope and symbol. Is there a way around this....? Richie
  9. Go to System Preferences, then go to Keyboard and Mouse, then keyboard shortcuts. You can turn them all off or just the show hide dock one.....! Same thing happened me. Richie
  10. In our office of 7 VW 10.5.1 machines on OS X this happens quite often. It is especially annoying when the auotsave gets turned off as you sometimes dont realise until after VW has crashed and you go back into the drawing to discover that the amount of work lost was larger than that set in autosave. I know you can turn on the message asking if you want to save but that seems a little bit old fashioned to me. It the function is there it should work....! Richie
  11. 10.3.4 and VW 10.5.1 no problems as of yet
  12. Yes Katie as instructed on the 11th of March....!
  13. Any updates......? It happening on more files now....!
  14. Hi First off i am using a G5 with VW 10.5.1 and Mac OS 10.3.2. I have noticed recently that when working on a VW file that was created in a previous version of VW that i get a crash when trying to 'Add Surface' on two objects. The interesting thing is that one of the objects is always a circle or abject with a curve in it somewhere. I have been able to replicate this on other various machines in the office running the same software versions. It dosent happen on files that where created in VW 10.5. Is this a recognised bug and is there a fix....? Richie
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