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  1. bhorowitz

    Vision issues/bug?

    Thanks for the fix on the beams. The focus stuff is odd. Focus doesn't work at all. When I try to use a prism in either the Vipers or Robe Pointes, the fixture acts as if is has a closed shutter in line, with no output. I am pretty sure that last time I programmed this show with Vision, in 2016, the prism functioned correctly. The Animation thing really has me stumped. If I change the type of animation on a viper (random, forward, backward, etc), either the animation blade or one of Gobo 3 gobos drops in and cannot be cleared. If I reload that v3s file, the beam is still obscured by the animation blade or robe, even if I do not have a console connected and bring the fixture up by highlighting it in the layers window. It seems that the animation blade and type shares a control channel with Gobo 3 wheel, so I'm not sure if that is the issue. I even tried building a small esc file with just 4 vipers and the same issues occur. It appears to retain this issue in the v3s file, without any dmx input. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have used Vision extensively to program tours/shows for one of my clients. This is the first time I'm using Vision 2018 and I'm seeing some unexpected behavior. Some may be usual. What I'm seeing..... 1-With both Mac Vipers and Robe Pointes, I'm not seeing anything when using Focus, and odd behavior when using Prism. 2--No matter when type of view I am in (solid, perspective, etc.), fixtures output a flat beam, visible when pointed into the house. Beams look OK when hitting the stage or backdrop. 3--Strangest of all. If I use the animation wheel on a viper, it reacts strangely and then, when releasing it, the fixtures retain something in the beam, looks like animation disk in some and Gobo 3 in some. It will not go away! This is true whether I bring up intensity on the console or from the Vision software. If I save the file in Vision, quit and then reopen, this behavior is still there even if the console is not outputting dmx or is off. I'm driving this from a Hog 3 Full Boar. Vision computer is a Desktop PC with.. Asus Turbo Geforce GTX 1070 TI video card AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Processor MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon ATX Motherboard 32GB RAM I don't recall having any of these issues when using prior versions of Vision.
  3. bhorowitz

    Clay Paky Scenius symbols

    I am using CP Scenius on a large show as well. If you build these, please let me know when they are available. Thanks,
  4. Please ignore the above post. I mistakenly thought that I had a separate license for 2013. Sorry all.
  5. Boxed version of 2013 Designer with Renderworks Mac with install and Getting Started DVDs for sale. Will transfer license with Nemetschek. Please PM or email with offer. bhorowitz@earthlink.net
  6. bhorowitz

    Batch Print with Publish issues

    I'm attempting to print 5 sheets of a set using the publish command. I have the sheets selected and set up to print. No matter what I do, they print to my laser printer instead of my plotter. I have selected all the sheets and gone to the options button. I select my plotter and hit print. Nothing happens. I press publish, and all are printed on my laser printer. I have page set-up set to Arch D and plotter. If I print individual sheets, all is fine. What am I missing? VW 2014. MacBook Pro i7. HP 1050 CM Plotter.
  7. bhorowitz

    Export pdf--missing text

    After using the 'export to pdf' command for a very long time, I am suddenly experiencing some issues. If I export a drawing to pdf, some, but not all, of the text doesn't make it onto the pdf document. All text has the same attributes and are on the same layer. It seems that text blocks that were added early on in the drawings make it, and those added later don't. If I print to pdf, all is OK. This has happened to me on several drawings and has just started occurring. A drawing that might have worked successfully a week ago doesn't anymore. I've tried changing the font and reinstalling Acrobat Pro to no avail. I can't find any difference between the text blocks that export and those that don't. Any ideas?
  8. bhorowitz

    LED Curtain

    What I actually did was to build a grid of 1" emissive RGB LEDs from the ESP library. We'll see what it looks like when I'm hooked up to the full ESP system on Saturday.
  9. bhorowitz

    LED Curtain

    Thanks Kevin. I'm going to have to fake it a bit. I will not be feeding it imagery, just using the RGB LEDs as a more up to date stardrop.
  10. bhorowitz

    LED Curtain

    On an upcoming tour, I'm using a Chameleon LED RGB backdrop. I plan on exporting my VW drawing to ESP and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion as to how to simulate this. I've thought about building a vertical grid of RGB sources but this wouldn't really be accurate. Thanks,
  11. A client has given me some pdfs that need to be incorporated into drawings that must include his clients title block and then be exported to dwgs. I have built a 'details' grid and placed individual pdfs inside the boxes. I have given them no fill and no outline. They look great when exported to pdfs, but when the drawing is exported to dwg, the dwg includes outlines around each of these embedded pdfs. Am I missing something in the export process, or am I stuck with this? Thanks,
  12. bhorowitz

    Disappearing dashs

    OK, it seems like that should work, but I'm really wondering how I could have deleted all the dash styles. And yes, I agree, there must be a simple, more elegant way to restore this.
  13. bhorowitz

    Disappearing dashs

    I have somehow managed to delete all the dash styles from an existing drawing. If I relaunch VW all is OK, but as soon as I load this particular drawing, there are no dash styles available. Is there any way to reload the dash styles? And how the heck did i do this? Thanks, Bud Horowitz VW 2010 Macbook Pro i7 8G RAM OS 10.6.5
  14. bhorowitz

    No Printing from Sheet Layer

    So, I have found a solution to this problem, but don't really understand why the solution works. One of the layers present in my Sheet Layer viewport had some objects that were outside the actual print area. I narrowed the issue down to this layer. Once I cropped the viewport to the actual printing area, all is OK. Everything prints properly. Before I cropped this viewport, the sheet layer would not print at all, even as a 'print to pdf'. Exporting to pdf worked fine however. A bit mind boggling.
  15. bhorowitz

    No Printing from Sheet Layer

    Very recently I have lost the ability to plot from a Sheet layer with one viewport. My plotter does it's thing, but outputs a blank sheet of paper. Same is true if I try to print to a laser printer. If I print from design layers, all is OK. This happens on multiple drawings, again only from sheet layers. I can't pinpoint exactly when this started happening, but it may have been around the same time I updated to OS 10.6.4. I've tried turning on and off Quartz imaging, etc. with no other results. The sheet layers are fairly simple theatrical floorplans, although they do contain 3D geometry. Any ideas? MacBook Pro 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4 GB Ram HP LaserJet 6MP HP 650C Plotter Thanks