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  1. Thanks for the replies. After looking through things more I think I had a bad install of Vectorworks as lots of other things started doing strange things. So I completely removed and then reinstalled and now it is working like you are saying it should.
  2. I have searched for a little while and can't find the answer to this. I have Vision 2017 and Vectorworks 2017. I haven't had to create a new model since upgrading to VW2017, but I am trying to and have an issue getting things over to vision. In VW2015 there was a Vision library of fixtures that I could always pull from and use in VW to ensure that the lights would move over to Vision. I have not seen anything like that in VW2017 and that file from 2015 won't open in 2017. I have all the lighting content installed, but I have placed several fixtures that don't move over to Vision. Upon looking at the Object Info Pallet I see that None is listed in the Fixture mode and it won't let me change that. Is there a place to see just the Vision fixtures so I know what I can place in the VW drawing and have it correctly go over to Vision? Im running SP4 in VW2017 and I just ran the updater for Vision. Thanks