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  1. @bbudzon Thanks follow the topic. Everything works well! MA2 Onpc (without MA hardware) and Vision on the same notebook 😎
  2. I have reinstalled only vision 2020 again, And now it works. It's strange since I have written down on a paper everything I had done .... Well, a million thanks for the help !!! 😄 PD: I reinstall why see this message and start vision:
  3. Hi @Rob Books. I have not tried that. It indicates that I don't have enough permissions on Service Select. I Update vision and Library.
  4. Hi @klinzey I have tried all installation combinations. Even replace the grandma.dll from one version to another.
  5. Greetings. I am having the following problem. With Vision 2020, Grandma does not appear to me as a DMX provider. But when I use vision 2019, it seems and works perfect. Both versions work with Arnet. I have the vision dongle, I have the plug in the grandma for vision. I have installed and uninstalled vision 2020 and the plug in and the problem continues. Any ideas? From already thank you very much.
  6. I will follow your advice. When I come back on tour, I'll call. Thanks !!!
  7. Thanks for your answer. I do the following: uninstall vision 2020 and MA vision Driver. Install Vision first and then the driver. Same problem. Now, I reinstalled Vision 2019, and it works perfect . Copy the driver from 2019 to 2020 and Vision 2020 from the folder and although grandma now appears, it does not work. For Arnet, it works perfect.
  8. Greetings. When using Vision and MA2 onpc 3.8 on the same PC, it does not appear on DMX provider MA-Net. I have reinstalled the driver of MA, Vision and I only see the options of Arnet, Multinput, Hog ... I have the dongle connected. Any idea? Thank you
  9. I did this test, and this is the result. Place several lines of LED modules, then give the Compose command and then add solids. Then it is to play with the scale and the repetitions. It is not the best, but the reports show me the number of modules. Happy day !!!
  10. Regards. A query, is there any way to be able to put only one image to the curved screen, and that it is not repeated in each module? From already thank you very much !


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