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  1. Thanks! I figured as much, but as there is currently no educational license for it, and I can't spend that kind of money. Unless that has changed? I teach at a University and am trying to find some symbols for my students in a class to be able to draw their own system diagrams for an assignment.
  2. Hello, I am looking to see if anyone is aware of an existing symbol library for doing system or block diagrams for audio either native to VW or 3rd party. I have looked through the VW library but just haven't found anything that works. A google search just comes up with images of the various symbols but no symbols themselves. I *could* create them myself, but wanted to see if there was anything out there before I recreated the wheel. Thanks for any thoughts or leads on this!
  3. Well, my fist instinct was to look in the VW help files under "Showing Gobo Projections" [http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2017/eng/index.htm#t=VW2017_Guide%2FLightingDesign2%2FShowing_Gobo_Projections.htm&rhsearch=gobo projection&rhsyns= &rhhlterm=gobo projection] Perhaps making a note in there about not using a perfectly black projection surface and what it will do to the render.
  4. That was it. Nowhere in any documentation that I saw did it mention that. Thank you!
  5. Here it is... Gobo Projection v2016.vwx
  6. I have tried fast as well as final, and both look the same other than sharpness of the render. Attaching my test file (VW2017) Gobo Projection.vwx
  7. Hey All, This is my first attempt to render Gobos in VW, and I am having an issue. I can get the gobos to render, but ONLY on the surface area of the focus point. I've looked through a few tutorials, but have not seen anything that has helped. Any thoughts? I am sure that I am missing something really simple...somewhere. I'm using stock VW ETC units, and templates. Thanks, Tom
  8. Never mind. Answered my own question. The package was installed under Object-Styles instead of under Objects-Entertainment Lighting as it use to be in previous versions. Seems strange to be listed that way. Tom
  9. Just installed VW 2017, and installed the libraries I needed with the package manager. All of them are showing up, however, the Lighting Instrument Libraries are not showing up. The package manager says they are installed, but they are not anywhere under the resource browser. In checking the library folders, the files are not even there. Is there a way to force the package manager to re-download the libraries? Thanks, Tom
  10. Hi, I use an HP Designjet 110+ at work. My laptop is currently running Windows 10. Before that I was running Windows 7. I am using VW 2016 Fundamentals,Spotlight. After upgrading to 10, I noticed that I was not able to print to the plotter anymore. For some reason when I select the plotter when preparing a print, it will revert back to the default 8.5x11 laser printer. Setting the plotter as the default does not work either. I thought this was a driver issue as HP does not have a Win10 specific driver for this model. However, I can print to the plotter just fine from any other program. So, I have been exporting PDFs and then printing those which gets kind of annoying. Something about VW2016 does not seem to work with the legacy Win7 driver. Any thoughts?
  11. Is Class and Layer Mapping functionality limited only to Architect and Landmark?
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