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  1. It looks pretty close, I'm away from the office for few days, but when I get the chance I will check your model. Thank you so much.
  2. Thanks for the tip, I will try. What it concerns me is that when doing fast sketches, then workflow will be a little bit slower, but is nice to have a workaround.
  3. And it is ridiculous that in this era where globalization is here and you can work in any part of the world for anybody your tool is "limited" to an specify region... not good at all. Additionally, I find it really sad and ironic that a CAD/BIM program needs a window tool plugin 🙄.
  4. I have been using VW since MiniCad era and yes all I can say is that VW has become a really slow heavy software, if you ask me I think that the team should stop what they are doing and just focus on making the program lightweight. For me VW behave like a bloatware were are so many features (unfinished btw). On the company that I work now uses Archicad and that thing is lighting fast compared with VW. Just to put it in perspective, with VW I draw basic one stair houses and I suffer of slowness all time around, and in Archicad I draw shopping malls, schools, buildings and that thing don't even blink when dealing with that kind of complex models... I hope the developers could make a benchmark tool so they can see by themselves how slow dog VW is.
  5. Hi all, I'm having hard time trying to replicate this window I got from a client with the VW window tool. Is it possible? Cheers, Juan
  6. Hi all, Is there a way to scale a dashed line in a easy way? AFAIK the only way to do it is via Advance Viewport Properties: Line Type Scale. Cheers, Juan
  7. Hi all, When two identical symbols with the same record format are inserted in a wall, this record format can´t be edited, but if the symbols are not in a wall then the record format can be edited. I´m on Win10 and VW 2017SP3 Cheers, Juan
  8. Hi all, Using tiles inside the walls give the wrong result when exported to Autocad. Here is how it looks in VW 2017: How it looks in ACAD: Here is the VW 2017 file: TilesToAcad.vwx Cheers, Juan
  9. I think it is time to make Vectorworks region free. We are in 2017 and with the globalization the drawings/plans have stopped being country specific. What is the idea of having plugins/tools tie to regions, doesn´t makes any sense to me. So please set vectorworks region free.
  10. Nobody else has experienced this problem? This is affecting my workflow hugely. Cheers, Juan
  11. Hi all, Since the last two SP if I replace a symbol with some Record ofrmat attached this records doesn´t update to the new symbol, it "remembers" the record format from the old symbol. I´m on Win10, VW 2017 SP3 Cheers, Juan
  12. Wow, that it´s awesome, thank you both so much for the tip. It was so easy at the end. Cheers, Juan
  13. Hi all, In my work I often need to switch between enable and disable Auto join walls and it is really tedious open the preferences all the time, so my question is if there is a way to create a script that enable/disable this to have it all the time in the workspace? Cheers, Juan
  14. jc4d

    Group resize

    Thank you so much DomC, I will check it out and keep it updated here. Cheers, Juan PS. I can´t see your screenshots.
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