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  1. I'm updating a handful of lighting devices in python, however the changes don't apply until I refresh the devices via the menu command "Refresh Lighting Devices". Is there a way to call this function in my script?
  2. That’s unfortunate. It’s not a SSL issue I don’t think. I did have some SSL issues in 2021, but I end up disabling SSL for the request and that solves it. This is a TLSv1 issue and has something to do with OpenSSL 0.9.8zh (which is no longer supported). The only way I’ve read on how to update that is with a newer version of python. Is there a way to use the systems python version to execute the request? The latest macOS ships with 3.8 so I could use that if there’s a way to access it. Also, what are the shortcuts you’re talking about?
  3. Hi @Vlado, Have you been able to work on upgrading the Python version in 2020? I'm using urllib3 in my plugin, but cannot make HTTPS calls in it because of an outdated TLS version. Specifically the OpenSSL version is very old and not compatible with modern HTTPS. My plugin works great in 2021 as it has Python 3.8, but I'm stuck with a TLSV1_ALERT_PROTOCOL_VERSION when using 2020. Do you think it will ever get updated or am I stuck with not providing support for my plugin in 2020? Thanks, Joe
  4. Having the same issue as well.. Looking back on this thread it seems like it's been going on for a while - why has it been so long without a fix?
  5. Hi, I'm using the dialog builder, and when it creates code for python, it always uses 'TRUE' instead of 'True'. The all caps is not python syntax and requires me to do a find and replace whenever I update my dialog. Example: vs.CreateGroupBox( dialog, kControl1, GetStr(kControl1), TRUE ) Can you guys fix this please? Thanks, Joe
  6. Hi there. Why is it that after I run this, Vectorworks says the plugin is encrypted. But if I open the plugin in a text editor, I can see all the source code. Is that normal? What would the steps be to compile the code into a .vwlibrary? Thanks, Joe
  7. After following the method above, I get "Settings file could not be read". It's looking for an XML. What is that XML for?
  8. Any idea how to implement the vs.NotifyPullDownClicked command? I tried adding a definition: def vs.NotifyPullDownClicked(dialog, kLocationChooser): do something and it doesn't work. I need to know when the user selects a pulldown menu. Ideas?
  9. How do you use multiple criteria in Python? When using the built in tool in the script manager, it makes it in vectorscript format. Currently I have: crit = "T=RECT" How would I also add "T=LINE"? Thanks, Joe
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