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  1. Yes, I think I'm sure. I did this as a test: Tools> Plug-ins> Plug-in Manager Custom Plug-ins Tab New? Command radio button; name ?great plugin? Edit Script Language pulldown: ?Python Script? In the body, simply type ?an amazing script? (which is guaranteed to produce an error when run). Ok CapsLock & Shift & Alt & Command then hit ?Edit Script?' Confirm all the warnings that you will never have access to your script ever again. Assign your plugin to a menu item in your workspace Run the plugin from the menu ?>"A script error has occurred? Popup View Error Output? Edit Script? EXPECTED RESULT: Popup: ?You are not allowed to edit a 3rd party script?. ACTUAL RESULT: The script that you spent 3 months creating that happens to have a small bug in a specific circumstance is readable by everyone who gets an error :-( I emailed tech support, and they directed me here because "all scripting inquires need to go through the VectorScript and SDK channels". I then directly emailed a contact at VW because this sounded like strange behaviour. They suggested to put the code in a py file and just ?import? and call from the script, then the code would not be possible to be shown. This is where I got confused and posted here for assistance. Matt
  2. Hi Dieter, I have tried including all the code inside a plugin, but unfortunately it is not actually encrypted. I was testing what I thought was the final shipping 'locked' version, locked using this method: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=169223 which makes you confirm twice that you will never be able to see your code again. But... Whilst demonstrating it to someone I discovered a bug which caused an error; when I clicked through the errors to the 'Edit Script...' button, my entire code was readable :-( I am looking for any method, even if it is not very convenient, to distribute a python script that cannot be readable. Matt
  3. Hello, After using VectorScript for a while, I have recently (with much assistance) been playing around with the new Python scripting. I now have a python script that uses a mixture of python and vs.things and it is great and working perfectly. I now want to Encrypt it for distribution so the code can not be read - but I get errors, or sometimes nothing, every time. I then decided to reduce my more complex script to this: def execute(): [TAB, forum formatting is removing it] vs.AlrtDialog("this script is great") execute() and saved it as 'alertBox.py'. Tools> Plug-ins> Run Script... -->Works fine. Tools> Plug-ins> Encrypt Script... Choose 'alertBox.py' and click Open -->File dialog closes, nothing else happens :-( Does anyone know what am I doing wrong? Thank you, Matt vw2014sp3, mac os 10.9
  4. It does it to me too in OS X and happens on the odd fixture. Clicking the 'show data' checkbox in the object info pallete seems to do the trick, but this is not an adequate solution.
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