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  1. Hi, I'm using the dialog builder, and when it creates code for python, it always uses 'TRUE' instead of 'True'. The all caps is not python syntax and requires me to do a find and replace whenever I update my dialog. Example: vs.CreateGroupBox( dialog, kControl1, GetStr(kControl1), TRUE ) Can you guys fix this please? Thanks, Joe
  2. Hi there. Why is it that after I run this, Vectorworks says the plugin is encrypted. But if I open the plugin in a text editor, I can see all the source code. Is that normal? What would the steps be to compile the code into a .vwlibrary? Thanks, Joe
  3. After following the method above, I get "Settings file could not be read". It's looking for an XML. What is that XML for?
  4. Any idea how to implement the vs.NotifyPullDownClicked command? I tried adding a definition: def vs.NotifyPullDownClicked(dialog, kLocationChooser): do something and it doesn't work. I need to know when the user selects a pulldown menu. Ideas?
  5. How do you use multiple criteria in Python? When using the built in tool in the script manager, it makes it in vectorscript format. Currently I have: crit = "T=RECT" How would I also add "T=LINE"? Thanks, Joe