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How do I ?Lock? mu custom PIO to make it uneditable

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I have finished a couple tools and I want to save them in a manner that will prevent meddling. Does anyone know a simple method to Lock or Encrypt scripts? I cannot find it in the developer reference. Thanks!


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The short answer is to look in the VS Language guide, which is part of the help app:

To encrypt a plug-in:

1.Select Tools > Scripts > VectorScript Plug-in Editor. In the VectorScript Plug-in Editor, select the plug-in to be protected from the editor list.

2.Use the following key combination, pressing the keys simultaneously:


Caps Lock+Shift+Option+Command



3.Click the Script button in the Editor. Confirm twice that the plug-in should be protected.

One large thing to note -- encryption cannot be reversed, so make sure to duplicate your plug-in before you encrypt.

If you use include files for your code, files with the .px extension will be pulled in to your plug-in while files with the .vss extension wil still be needed if you copy the plug-in to another installation.

My personal workflow takes advantage of the batchencryption library that's included in the SDK. It allows you to write a VS that encrypts plug-ins, and you can point to a plug-in that is outside of your plug-ins folder (eg a duplicate copy). I've developed an Automator script to handle the whole thing and guarantee I'm never accidentally locking an original copy. Some day I'll have time to share the process.


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Thank you, that is excellent. Just tested, it works exactly as you describe.

(Honestly, I searched the Language Guide repeatedly, I clearly missed these instructions. I did find EncryptVSPluginFilePath as you mention http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php?title=VCOM:VectorWorks:ISDK::EncryptVSPluginFilePath and was on the verge of attempting that process. I really appreciate you lending a different set of eyes to guide me along!)

PS. looking forward to that automator workflow! :)


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After following the method above, I get "Settings file could not be read".

It's looking for an XML. What is that XML for?

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