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  1. I know! I was struggeling for about two hours with this. Same problem with gobo’s. I ended up working around it by closing and reopening the file and then the changes would show. Was able to get my tender out the door. I will try to recreate the problem on Monday and then post it. Seems to me like son kind of rendercache or refresh issue.
  2. Hi, Would anyone have the answer to this? Using a ETC Source four from the vwx library. See attached images. I have the fill of the etc set to none. I can see my shutters in opengl, but not in any of the renderworks modes. What could this be?
  3. Hi Nina, it is great to hear that. Thank you!
  4. Great, but we will still need DWG export for many years to come. And it is quite silly that we can not easily share our designs with other stakeholders that are not in the vwx mvr gtdf bubble. This issue has been there for years an needs to be addressed.
  5. Thank you, it works in your file indeed! This is a great start. I'm not an expert either, but maybe someone on this forum could help us out and alter the script so the output will be 3d symbols in stead of just groups? And then if we get ready, maybe someone could make it work for other POI too? Like trusses for instance?
  6. Thank you so much! I tried your script, but I get the following error: File "<String>", Line 2 ^ Syntax Error: Invalid character in identifier Do you have an idea what this might be? I would love to try this script!
  7. I think that’s a bit of a bold statement. It don’t think there are many programs that offer such versatility as VWX and I love doing al my work with it. I do have a lot of wishes for improvement however.
  8. This will be helpfull in a few cases. But not sufficiënt for all possible rotations that we hang fixtures in. We shouldn’t have to make a separate symbol for each rotation. Especially since now we can make the 3D portion of the instrument rotate any way we like using the standard rotation tools.
  9. @Rob Books is there any chance that this issue Will be addressed in the near future.It is very commonplace to have to provide DWG exports to other party’s that are not Vectorworks users. It is a real problem that we cannot export our designs to others accurately! Would it be an idea if the export DWG function would create a 3D duplicate symbol of each POI and then export that with the appropriate rotation values? We really need this!
  10. Hey @Jim Wilson Thanks for that. For some reason, most of the spotlight tools, and also some others can not be found. Not in the application package, nor in the plugins folder. VWspotlight.vwr for instance does not contain images. Can't find them anywhere else too, which makes me think they are hidden in each tools own .vso. Would you guys be willing to share those pics in a package? And any chance on a fancy plugin for stream deck?
  11. Glad you like it! Would you feel like making the remaining tool pics in return ;-)? The escape macro sounds like a goed idea, but I presume that if you're in a 4th group you would have to press again?
  12. So I got motivated to make a nice Stream Deck profile. I used the standard VWX tools and menu's structure at first. I can imaging ordering it to most used functions later on. 95% of the shortcuts are the native vwx shortcuts. I'm on a mac so al shortcuts are with CMD instead of CTRL. Not all tools that have a hotkey have a shortcut set yet. But all tools have a hotkey. (i didn't add the tools from the toolsets: Furniture/fixtures, Dims/notes, detailling, fasteners, machine components. It's a time consumer to alter all those tool pics and had enough of it. Anyone feels like doing those?) Still would be amazing if VWX could write a fancy and perhaps dynamic plugin, maybe it could work similar to a Macbook pro's Touch Bar? Also maybe not all tools would need a keyboard shortcut to work with the stream deck. By the way, only just finished this and didn't thoroughly test al the keys. Hope you like it. VWX.streamDeckProfile.zip
  13. Following! I have a streamdeck but have not yet made my profile fancy. I would really want the native tool pics to be part of the profile. I can retrieve toolset pic files from a workspace file. But the tool pics themselves I have not yet found a way. Streamdeck now has has a SDK for developers so maybe the VWX team could create a nice streamdeck plugin? Just like they support 3dConnexion? @Jim Wilson any chance?
  14. I had some wishlist topics where I found that more than once I received a like to my opening post when I was certain that this person did not also upvote. So i agree from experience that the upvote button is a little bit confusing for some people.
  15. Something is very strange. Now mather what other file I import your legend the leader lines just reappear. In your file the are in visible, I open a blank file and import the legend and they are back. Very strange
  16. Thanks, wil now try to make your legend work in my layout. I do use data tags for spotlight labeling, I love the way they work too! But I didn't now I could use them in a front view also. How did you do that? Edit: Already found out just add them when in front view.
  17. Hey Mark, I am pretty sure that being able to group the fields is new. I'am sure that i have tried this before in my quest for 1 handle movement of labels. I just can still not find how i can make the leader lines dissapear. I have set pen setting in all label classes to none but they remain present. I attached a test file can you see what's wrong? Label Legends 2019.vwx
  18. So months after release of vwx 19 i finally have some time to renew my 3d Labels with the new functions.. -In my label i do not use containers, but just fields. I found that when I group the field in the 3d Layout that I can then move all 3d fields at once. However at a certain point the leader lines jump into a random direction. See attached image I tried setting the class pen color to none as described in this topic, but it doesn't work. The leader lines stay, also when I do use containers. -Also I can no longer move the label legends by using right click-> assign label legend properties to selected. This only works when use single label is checked, however you then lose your layout. -There used to be a function to use 2d containers in your 3d label. In VW18 I used to concatenate fields and then use this function to create really neat 3d Labels. This is now not possibles anymore. -When the text fields are not grouped in my layout i then get 5 separate fields in 3d with 5 different leader lines. Why? Who would want so many leader lines going across the place. @markdd do you see any workarounds to my issues? I'am a bit sad, since numbering improved so much, but what I liked about 3d labels is now broken. However if only those leader lines would work properly in the grouped fields it would be great again. Still at the same time I think spotlight labels should work as data tags both in 2d and 3d.
  19. We definitely need this! there should be sliders in de IOP to control pan and tilt but also for all other parameters such as dimers, blades etc... And just add a check box for controlling if the instrument needs to listen to the focus point or the OIP settings. This way both can exist.
  20. A bar with four parcans on it and a mutli cable connection so one can patch each parcan individually. In the Netherlands we call them fourbars or sixbars.
  21. Thanks for the tip @markdd ! Labels Legends should take over the layout editing and handling of the Data Tag tool. I love the fact that I can move the whole data tag containing multiple record fields and layout at once!
  22. Hi, I am trying to make a 4 Bar Lighting instrument by using the multi circuit command. But as I am trying nothing really happens to my fourbar that make me think it behave like a fourbar. Could someone give me a step by step on how I should create one? Thank you! Sebastiaan
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