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  1. HI Folks bumping this question. Here is a short video showing the issue. This is VW 2019. You will see the tag flip to below the line when I copy the existing tag. elevation tag issue VW2019.mov
  2. Stake tool annotation is below the line when it should be above and the bubble feature is not showing when selected.
  3. I voted this up but it would be helpful if you could vote up my same suggestion here
  4. @Tamsin Slatter I hope that this and the other request mentioned above for the Grade tool is enough of a hint that the Stake and Grade tools are very limited in their usefulness for efficient workflow integration. Grading is a hard enough concept to grasp without the tool getting in the way.
  5. Thanks for all the input folks. I think the idea in the thread is that the Stake tool is a powerful and existing tool that with a few tweaks could really assist in drawing production work flow in a way the LAs work in real life. I’ve been waiting to incorporate these tools in our office work flow but they are too clunky to effectively use and a custom tag requires too much input on the user’s part to be deployed as a tool office wide. There’s only so much training we can take on.
  6. I had a bit of a frustrating time with this as well. I could get 2D components showing up in elevation in some hybrid symbols and not another. turns out the symbol was rotated at 89.5 degrees to the section plane and not a full 90 degrees. Once it was properly rotated it displayed the 2D component view.
  7. This. This request is two years old now. I can't believe this hasn't been addressed. It makes site modelling near useless and the workflow from concept to drawing non existent. If a dev wishes to reach out to me for some explanation of what is needed here, I welcome it.
  8. I keep the slope arrows generated by the grading tool and used a stake as a graphical object only typing in the value from the grade tool. A right pain in the a$$.
  9. Upvoted. A hardscape is a complete assembly profile of components like a wall. It is frustrating to make section cuts and not have components represented in type and thickness the way wall objects are.
  10. Fourth. Stakes are for "Finished grades" Setting the grade to the bottom of a hardscape assembly is not a finished grade. Also, please see my request for unit selection for the Grade Tool similar to the being able to set the units for the Stake Tool. It would make the Grade Tool much more useful.
  11. I would like to request Unit and Labelling for the grade tool similar to the Stake Tool. Units for grading are often not the same as the drawing units. our drawings are usually millimetres and vertical grading units are often metres to conform to the survey units. Also the ability to label a grade is important such as bottom of stair, bottom of curb, etc. Stake has all of these features. We have to double the amount of work in our grading drawings by using the Grade Tool to calculate and show slopes and the use the Stake Tool as a 2D graphic for labelling. Very time consuming.
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