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  1. STERNontwerp

    Rebuild 2016 networks with 2018 nodes?

    Update: the Contour-node had to be replaced by the 2018-version
  2. STERNontwerp

    Rebuild 2016 networks with 2018 nodes?

    I think you were right, the problem wasn't in the different versions. Thanks.
  3. STERNontwerp

    Rebuild 2016 networks with 2018 nodes?

    I'm trying to continue working on the networks I made back in 2016. What nodes have changed and what nodes haven't? For example: A mirror node would certainly have to be the 2018 version, but other 2016-nodes might still work. What nodes should I look out for? Ernst van der Vecht
  4. STERNontwerp

    Screen Redraw Issue

    The problem is not only that it's slow, but that it doesn't start redrawing until I zoom.; It's quite annoying: I change a hatch, it doesn't show, change it again, nothing, "Ohh &^%#, it's that redraw thing again" I agree that importing DWG's can slow things down, but I don't think that is the only problem. I haven't had this problem in VW 2016 using a lot of DWG-imports. And I went to see if it happens in VW 2016 now that I installed my 8Gb 1070 GTX videocard. It doesn't seem to have a redraw problem there (although it might have, I just tried it with a limited amount of actions).
  5. STERNontwerp

    Screen Redraw Issue

    I think Markdd was right, imported DWG's seem to be the problem here too.
  6. STERNontwerp

    Screen Redraw Issue

    I'm having the same problem, with a GTX 1070. In windows 7, so no time-machine.
  7. STERNontwerp

    Multiple Input geometries

    When, for instance, you put some of polys in a group and name that group, you can use the [name] node to get the group. And after that use the [container] node to use the polys. The [contents] node can be found under operations.
  8. STERNontwerp

    Handle to Object in Class

    - read certain object parameters: try 'Get Record Field' in Records & IFC I haven't tried the node myself, but it is (under a another name) part of Marissa's Marionette_UseExternalSymbol_MFarrell_2 file. Ernst van der Vecht
  9. STERNontwerp

    Quest: automatic rebuild

    Yesterday I was looking at Alan Woodwell's Spiral network and tried out some parameters. I accidentally got a nicer result than I expected to get. That gave me the idea that it would be good to have a way of trying out different parameters and automatically rebuild a network to show the result. Maybe as a tool for 'design by accident'. This way you could see unexpected result and get to know the mechanics of a marionette network. Another use would be to make a network idiot-proof (you never know what parameters people are going to use). Since I still have another marionette networks to write, I don't want to be distracted by this question. Yet I hope someone will find the inspiration to work on this. I think it would be really usefull. Ernst van der Vecht
  10. STERNontwerp

    Curved Brickwork

  11. STERNontwerp

    Spiral - Network / Switch Case Node

    I never thought of a shell as a spiral. But that is the result of entering the variables : 1, 10, 1, 10, 30.
  12. STERNontwerp

    Curved Brickwork

    Combined with a 'Filter'-node used as a IF-THEN-command and DomC's PointArrayStartEnd-network this makes a nice curved wall in half-brick bond. The 'Max Item'-node is used to preserve the half-brick-bond even if the contours are of a different length. When you get rid of the 'Max Item'-node, It is possible to convert a volume like a cone to a brick shape, with some errors though (at the end of the circle!?).
  13. STERNontwerp

    EAP Gutter with End Caps

    This isn't the cleanest of solutions, but it works for 1 end cap. I made an extrude on the 1st 5 mm of the path to make the cap. For the other cap you need to do the vertex count to select the last vertex and copy the network a bit. Ernst van der Vecht
  14. STERNontwerp

    Curved Brickwork

    Great, thanks! I had the feeling that this should be possible, but that I just wasn't good enough with lists. That's still true probably. Anyway, now I can continue. Hope to post some results soon. Ernst van der Vecht
  15. STERNontwerp

    Curved Brickwork

    @ Marissa: All blue layers are ok All pink layers should be 'moved' half a brick, but some are and some are not ( the top pink layer is not 'moved' half a brick the 2nd pink layer is ok the 3rd pink layer is not 'moved' half a brick the 4th till 20th are ok etc. ) @ bcd: getting half a brick on the beginning and end of the pink layers is the next challenge and I think that I should be able to solve that. But for now, I'd like this to work as a half-brick bond for an unknown (parametrical) length, height and shape. @ both: thanks for looking into this.