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  1. STERNontwerp


    Version 1.0.0


    Nodes that make it possible to transfer data without wires (For instance if you want to use the info that was used 100 nodes back and your wires get too long)
  2. STERNontwerp

    Parametric view analysis

    Before starting this new project I would like your opinion and tips. The idea is: make a network that analyses the view from a lot of apartments. For instance: Check which of the 444 apartments can view the church. Is there a solution for the points that I deem impossible? Steps: 1 identify the 444 apartments in the model 2 identify the facade of the apartments (for now the whole facade of the appartments can be glass) plan a: 4a1 place a camera behind the facade 4a2 make a jpg from all 444 camera's [impossible ???] Is it possible to make a jpg (or PDF) in marionette using the camera? 4a3 identify if there is a red color on the jpg 4a4 give feedback in the model (f.i. make all appartment that can view the church red) plan b: same as plan a, but with a 3D-view instead of a camera [impossible ???] Is it possible to make a jpg (or PDF) in marionette using the camera? plan 😄 4c1 place a light behind the facades 4c2 turn on the lights one by one 4c3 identify which lights shine on the church [impossible ???] Is there a way to identify if an object receives light? ❕ 4c4 give feedback in the model ❕: that would be really cool and make a lot of other things possible
  3. STERNontwerp

    Morphy, pawn to queen

    I've made a new tesselated morphy with puzzle-peaces and cleaned up the network a bit so that I can upload it here. Save first. Ernst van der Vecht Morphy050-Tessel_VWforum.zip
  4. STERNontwerp

    Marionette Hybrid

    Since I don't know how to use Python, I've used a Group node followed bij another Group node to put one series of objects on top of another.
  5. STERNontwerp

    Automated Layout

    That is great, the whole network, but also the new nodes! I don't understand all of it yet, but here are some possible improvements: If the width of the 2D BBox > 400: the scale of the viewport could be 1:50 instead of 1:20, or have a varying scale depending on the width. There is an error in the description of the VP Layer Visibility node: sLinvis is described as grey instead of invisible (and I think it would be easier on the eye if the standplaenung-layer was grey in the overview viewport)
  6. STERNontwerp

    Marionette Hybrid

    Thanks for your explanation. I tried searching for iPrefiD on Vectorworks help, Google and this forum with no usefull results at all! How did you know to put -1 into iPrefiD? Is there an explanation of nodes I don't know about?
  7. STERNontwerp

    Morphy, pawn to queen

    After making the pawn-queen morphy, I continued working on the node and made a tessellation of the morph. See explanation below
  8. STERNontwerp

    Nesting parts for CNC

    The picture looks similar to a file I once downloaded: ObjectInfoByLayerExample.vwx . I think it was made by DomC, but I can't find it on the forum anymore. I have attached it, hope DomC won't mind. I haven't worked with it, so no garantees. Ernst van der Vecht ObjectInputByLayerExample.vwx
  9. STERNontwerp

    Move Group Question

    Thank you
  10. STERNontwerp

    Index Bounds Question

    You're right, thanks.
  11. STERNontwerp

    Move Group Question

    How to move the group? As it is, it doesn't work. In the attached file you can see why I want to move something as a group. Move Group Question - tessel.vwx
  12. STERNontwerp

    Index Bounds Question

    I should have made my question clearer: I have a list, and I know the value I'm looking for , but I want to know on what item that value is in the list. In other words, in the actual network I'm working on: I can find out what the max value is in a list, but I want to know on where the max value is. I thought the Index Bounds node was made to do that. See new attachment index-bounds-question2.vwx
  13. STERNontwerp

    Index Bounds Question

    I'm trying to find the index number of a specific item in a list. I thought I could use the Index Bounds node for this, but can't get it to work. I've stripped the network to show what I tried, but it doesn't give the expected outcome: 'item 3' (nor does it give an error '-1'). index-bounds-question.vwx
  14. STERNontwerp

    Morphy, pawn to queen

    @ Marissa: I did use chunk list the list, but I didn't know how to handle the resulting list. Have you got any tips where I can find more information on working with lists? Without the knowledge how to work with the"chunk list"-node, I decided to do it another way. By making a multiple extrude from the two poly's I have been able to cut out the polys that make the change from pawn to queen. So an improvement on the previous version: The drawing now consists of polylines in stead of dots. And the extrusion is a nice bonus. Morphy006.vwx
  15. STERNontwerp

    Morphy, pawn to queen

    Ever wondered what happens when a pawn promotes to a queen? I made a network that morphs from one poly to another. Next step: connect the dots, but I haven't found a way to split a list into seperate lists of equal lengths. Also I haven't found a way to change the starting index of a polyline in a network. It can be done manually with decompose - erase line at starting point - compose - close. Help with these questions would be appreciated. Ernst van der Vecht PS: The Mix2-node is quite complicated. I worked out how it works, but some explanation for new marioneteers could be usefull. Morphy001.vwx


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