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  1. What is the method for analyzing a NURBS curve? I want to get the z value of the NURBS curve at specific coordinates as shown in the file. Is the node GET Z AT XY useful for that? Or is that only for surfaces? Palle Battle dots marionette (forum).vwx
  2. Palle

    Lists in lists

    Thanks Sarah, but unfortunately individual curvature is exactly what I'm looking for... still haven't quite figured it out..
  3. Palle

    Lists in lists

    To be clear - the task for me is to make x copies of the hanging sheet shown in the file. Can anybody suggest a better way to get x copies of it with randomized properties? In reality it's only two z-values per sheet that needs randomization. Palle
  4. Hi all, I'm building a script that generates a row of hanging long sheets of vinyl for a theatre production. To randomize how they fall on the floor, I want to alter the individual values of coordinates that define the NURBS curves they are built out of. I would generate the list of randomized coordinates, and feed that into the curve node, but since the NURBS curves are defined by a LIST of coordinates, I can't make it work. I can't feed a list into a list, without the last list collating the values in to one list? Suggestions are much appreciated, Palle lists in lists.vwx
  5. Palle

    Vortex box

    (Solved previous question - the code is now a marionette object) All of a sudden, I'm getting an error message "object is not subscriptable". I understand it's about an int node connected to a rectangle node inside the wrapper called 'OPEN BOXES'. Can anyone explain what this error is about? marionette Kais object 5.vwx marionette Kais object 5.vwx
  6. Palle

    Vortex box

    Got back to the task - after some weeks away from it.. It's easy to input a list into rectangle/extrude nodes to give different sizes of closed boxes, but with my frame box (made inside the wrapper with solid boolean) is there a way to scale CSG solids - or - is there a way to input the different sizes in to this wrapper node? marionette Kais object 4.vwx
  7. Palle

    Vortex box

    Solved it, thanks! You pointed in the right direction: [the scaling factor] to the power of [a list of values from 0-max] gives the perfect list.
  8. Palle

    Vortex box

    @Stephan Moenninghoff Thanks for the code. However, I am looking for an expression that gives me size increments that are NOT constant. The have to gradually become less and less, never reaching zero. Therefore, I apply the scaling factor to each step. The question is really, how do I express that in Marionette? INPUTS: - Start value - Number of steps - Scaling factor (i.e. 92% of previous list item) OUTPUT: Decreasing or increasing list of values
  9. Palle

    Vortex box

    But only for 2D objects, right? So, mirror all paths before extrusion? And yes, I know the problem - and that's what I also want to solve. The ordered-list-node I use for generating the list of sizes does not relate to the input for number of boxes, so right now after changing the input, I would have to also make new nodes and connecting to make the sequence. Repeat and sequence. Will try that..
  10. Palle

    Vortex box

    Gotcha. But which node would you use for mirroring them?
  11. Palle

    Vortex box

    Hi all, I'm trying to generate an object to be produced IRL, inspired by the object in the reference image. But I want only a specified number of steps of framed boxes, until the inner box, which is a solid, as seen in the other image. I want to be able to tweak the parameters, so I can find the right scaling factor and rotation. The parameters I want to control are: > Dimensions of biggest box > Total number of box repetitions. > End angle of the solid (smallest) box > The initial size of the profile for the frame boxes (which is also scaled down for each box in the ref image - but could be a fixed value in stead) So far, I've built a script that makes solid cubes, scales and rotates them. Two questions: > I need a way to generate the frame boxes in stead of solid cubes. So I can actually see the framed boxes with the chosen profile size. This is my biggest struggle.. > And for versatility, a better way to generate the list of scaling values for the boxes. As is, I have to populate the list myself. Any suggestions for other ways to better build a script like this is great. Appreciate any help..! Palle Marionette Kais object.vwx
  12. Thanks for the fast reply - will try that later!
  13. I'm working in Designer, and when switching to the Spotlight workspace, the tool set palette is not visible. When I turn it on, it shows as an empty gray rectangle. I can move it around, but not access any tools or dock it. When I switch to other workspaces, I do not have the same problem - the tool sets are there, and working. Is this something I can fix myself? Best, Palle
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