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  1. Jim Thanks for advice will try out alternatives. And go to support if required.
  2. Jim W Have had no response to my question about the missing delete command, has anybody else noticed? is it just windows or is it a problem with mac as well? When I am editing I use one of my mouse buttons to delete, I have had to change this to cut and so I can not hold on to copied items for pasting as they default to the last item deleted, it really screws up my work pattern.
  3. Updated to SP2 and am delighted that the main crashing problem has been sorted, however, the Delete command has disappeared, I can cut but not delete, is this a bug?
  4. Hi Jim I have been posting about random crashes and have monitored the GDI handles and this was the reason 10,000 and boom! Your tech guys have been aware of this for nearly a month now, why has a patch not been released, it means we have to monitor the handles, close the programme when it gets above 7500 reopen, reload and carry on. Not an acceptable way to run a programme. Please ask the programmers to give this absolute priority, 2016 may have a lot of new features that I have not even been able to explore yet because the problems caused by crashing have substantially added to our workload.
  5. Crash Crash Crash when I think about 2016 my heart sinks, I am so busy and each crash costs me up to 15 minutes to recover from, this leaves me absolutely no time to report the problem or check on the reason for it, but it is totally random. Clicking onto anything be it a group, single item or a symbol can cause a crash, I reported it when I first loaded 2016 (along with slow text editing) and had hoped that SP1 would have sorted the problem, but alas that did not help. The faster I need to work the more frequent the crashes usually about 3 a day, just that dreaded message 'Vectorworks has stopped working' Never happened with 2015!!!
  6. Hi Jim Just set up a new drawing in 2016 and it is faster (not as fast as 2015) It happens in legacy drawings with any text at any drawing size. Most of my work is with drawings which were created in previous versions, so it is no help to me if this is the reason for the slow text response. Could it be a bug in the migration, or has text changed in some way to make this a problem? Thanks Jim I do appreciate your quick response.
  7. 2015 was a real joy, it did crash but probably only once or twice in the year, 2016 crashes at least 3 times every day and it is driving me crazy. I know I am on windows 10 and that may be a contributory factor, however I was using 2015 on 10 as well with no problem at all. I have to work on converted drawings from 2015, a lot of my work is altering and modifying schemes which were conceived and commenced during the previous versions and it would be hard to find any architect that could start new projects that coincide with Vectorworks release dates. I have also noticed that text creation or alteration within a drawing is so slow it seems to take seconds to delete or add characters, I am sure that this programme can not be so memory hungry that it can not cope with simple text editing within a drawing. (This is the case with fresh drawings as well as legacy) I have updated graphics drivers as per the recommendations of the knowledge base. Has anyone else noticed the text problem? Roll on SP1!!
  8. Hi Jim Have you had any feedback yet on when this problem may be fixed?
  9. Hi Jim I had hoped that the sill problems would have been sorted out on this release, THEY HAVE NOT!!!! As you can see from my screen shot, the back edge of the sill is still defaulting to the wrong position, it should line up with the back edge of the window. This makes window (with sill) insertion a real problem we have to ignore the sill and add it as a separate element which makes the whole process of 3d modelling more time consuming and if a window is rescaled or moved you can imagine the extra steps required. Please, Please, get this sorted.
  10. Hi Jim Great news that not only are we going to get 64 bit, but the fact that the freeing up of the tech team will allow our other gripes to be sorted and new features added. One question on 64bit for windows, are you saying this will be available alongside 32 bit or will not be available at all until next year when XP support dies?
  11. Turn off all screen grids and page borders before rendering, these could show up in the final render if you do not.
  12. I also suffer this problem and thought that it may be something wrong in my set up, it is reassuring to know that this is not the case but far less satisfactory that this known bug has not been fixed, I normally encounter this when I have an imminent deadline for presentation of details, that is when it annoys even more.
  13. Thanks Jim look forward to seeing what you all come up with, it will be great to be able to use 3d and cut realistic sections.
  14. Hi Jim Thanks for your work on this, I have looked again at the problem and I really think it is very simple. The sill always defaults so that its back edge is in line with the insert position into the wall (Left edge, centre line, and right edge) and takes no account whatsoever of the offset in wall command. This means that there are only three possible options for the back edge of the sill with no option to over ride. In architecture these locations for the setting out of the sill are almost never used, the most common sill position is lining through with the back edge of the sash, with the internal window board (stool as you call it)coming off that. So point 2 of your recommendation to allow sill to operate independently of walls is correct to a degree. It would be far better to allow a setting for the offset of the sill in relation to the back edge of the sash to be designated and the sash offset in wall would then relate to both items and make the insertion controllable in any wall configuration. If this is too difficult then to set as a default the back edge of the sill to line through with the back edge of the sash would certainly help. I enclose a sketch of a typical sill construction. Thanks again Jim it is good to get such quick feedback.
  15. Thanks Jim and Wes I was really hoping it was just a tick box problem. Have been visiting the forum for many years and it was starting to get a bit depressing, talk of moving to Revit and the like. I really want Vectorworks to work and develop and hope that we can all work together to that end.
  16. Hi Wes It looks like you are getting the same problem as me, take a look at the preview and the sill location in relation to the window, then look at what appears on drawing, they are different and that is my main problem, Unless I fudge the settings I can not get a proper representation on plan of the settings that I enter. Thanks for looking at it. Hi JimW You are also getting the problem where the plan representation does not comply with the details in the settings box, see how the sash is in relation to the sill in the settings and then how it translates onto the plan, not the same for sure! Thank you for looking perhaps this is a bug submit, but it really is a major one for Architects working in 3D.
  17. Hi Christiaan This is a file with the window and wall shown. Any advice much appreciated.
  18. Having a problem getting the window sill to line up properly with what I want to show. You can see from the attached that the screen shot of the settings and the actual window as inserted are completely different. I have tried all of the permutations of settings (centre wall line edge wall line etc.) and this is the only one which gives me an approximation of what I actually require. (have spent days on this!!) I want to be able to create a window and a sill in the dialogue boxes prior to insertion and then when it is inserted it should look like the previews, this is not happening. I had the same problem with 2013 and hoped that it would be fixed in 2014 so I have not been using the 3D at all unless I create windows and doors (in the form I need) and insert them into standard 3d geometry which means I do not get the benefit of the wall commands. I know that there are some really clever VW users out there and I am hoping that you will tell me that it is just a tick in a box somewhere in a menu three deep.
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