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  1. When I move the object with the end point to the middle line (the other object) it doest show the other smart point just as the red square, so i always can't fit the object in the right way.. how can I move it to any object (not in the end or middle point of the object) and can fit it perfectly?
  2. i exported to jpg and pdf.. so i need to let it become 2D first...? confused..
  3. When I exported the floor plan file The wall looks like the empty, not the normal one we know that the wall should be black color. I used the wall tool to build it, how can I change the color instead of choosing solid>black to each one? I also changed style to the wall, but it only have more lines to show the wall, not the black color inside
  4. ys! I changed the palette n problem solved Thanks!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks for reply, i'll try it later The problem I hav now is VW stuck in Geometry stage when rendering.... it already shut down 3 times when i do OpenGL render... I'm confused these problem coz it was fine before...
  6. what's wrong with these grids after realistic final rendering?
  7. Yu_

    render question

    it stuck in last running....when I clicked display camera view in OpenGL
  8. Yu_

    render question

    Render speed is so slowly even it's running OpenGL sometime the result is not OpenGL, it's all blue it's was ok for render on my previous work, but no idea why it goes so slow now even the plan is not complicated
  9. But why even I set working plan , the NURBS still not in the same plan expect the first NURBS in the right place?
  10. ys, it's 3d object 3D Conversion Resolution works! the angle looks smaller than before I used freehand tool to do it, I should try NURBS actually!
  11. THx Peter But it's same, i probably used the wrong tool in the beginning so,I'm looking for another tool to amend it, such as the tool filled these angles into a better curve do u know any about this?
  12. I did some curves but there r some angles within them..it looks fine when final rendering but i need to export it into EPS it looks bad in wireframe, how can I smooth them ? THX
  13. omg ,its not in toilet I searched urinal in library...n no result now I followed ur step....n got it!! Thanks a lotttt!! I am really lost in sinks , baths n toilets files
  14. THX Just redo it! hav no idea when I did the none in palette
  15. This is what my library is ...(the image) Actually, there is no symbol for urinal [img:center][/img]
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