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  1. Hello all, I have updated to the current service pack and have not seen a issue until now. My OIP say on all items Multiple values. How can I fix this. thanks, fuji
  2. Hi all, Is there a way to use a image prop from spotlight in Vision and not have it shown as a box? Thanks, fuji
  3. Hi all, is there a way to see the front LED lens on a ROBE 1200 led Mode1? i see the front lit but can not see the source as I would in MA3d or LC? thank vis page. fuji
  4. Hi all, is it possible to curve a LED screen? I’m using the ROE simple symbols and did a wall 80’w X 12’h and wondered if there is a simplier way to make a curve without having to draw each frame and and slight rotation. be well, fuji
  5. Hi all, So i have a D&B j series bumper drawing. Can i import into audio tool and populate with the J series symbols? I have them in the drawing at the moment but can not get tilt angles in. Thanks, Ta, Fuji
  6. Fuji


    Hello all. I am trying to have a gobo pattern in a beam of a VL 3k spot. I have the light on and lit fog on. I see the beam in FQRW , but no luck getting a gobo. Any help would be great. Thanks, Fuji
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