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  1. All my applications including VW2014 recognize windings and similar, VW 2015 does not, the fonts are activated in fonbook etc
  2. can you make text editing in Call Out Text Box just like normal text: style, size, etc
  3. I have talked to HP and they they think the reason is that the mac driver is HP PCL 6 and it needs to be PS in other to deal with transparencies and clipping path. As far as I can tell there is no PS driver for Mac.
  4. all my printers have been ink jets, this is the first laser printer I have (it supposed to make my life easier). The ink jets print perfect and I never had problems of that sort. I have determined that the color problem is most likely HP and I am in touch with regarding that.
  5. I have done tests for color line work and image and while the image prints OK line work and fonts in some colors do not, anything containing blue and magenta comes out with a halo. The blue lines have duplicate in magenta noticeable with naked eye. This is blue from "classic" color palette 5th from upper left.
  6. I am doing more tests: create pdf via apple pdf, Adobe pdf and quartz, they all look the same in preview and Adobe reader, however, prints from Preview came out bad - same on all versions. I opened the same set of pdf in Adobe and all prints came out good TKA VW 2014, OSX 10.9.1 mac mini 2Ghz 7, 16GB RAM
  7. I have tested the issue also on OSX 10.8, VW 2011 and pdf in preview yields the same results,however, when saved through Adobe Pdf it prints correctly, but this is quite time consuming procedure TKA VW 2014, OSX 10.9.1 mac mini 2Ghz 7, 16GB RAM
  8. I just got a new HP laser printer CP5220 (a very common model) and most of my files don't print too well. Any transparency causes multiple problems : 50% transparent object appears almost invisible, some surrounding objects are partially distorted, texture maps print like there are misaligned printheads. Does anybody has the same problem? Solution like a different driver?
  9. I have set up a simple 12" x 24" tile hatch when I center (not scale) it on the hatch rectangle the hatch becomes offset vertically by -1" and 12" becomes 11.2 or so. When checked manually all settings appear to be the same as by default when hatch is correct size.
  10. why line type setup does not stay with the file? for example: I have line thickness set up to .15 and it changes to .10 when opened by another user on another computer.
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