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  1. When I try this (at step two), and click "create section viewport" it jumps back to plan and I can't make a section viewport looking up at the ceiling. I made the initial elevation VP on a design layer. When I make the initial VP on the sheet and select it then choose "create section viewport" it says that this is an illegal object for making a section. What am I missing??? Krista VW2013, MAC OS. 10.8.4
  2. Another question has come up. How do you reorder the objects order that VW brings them in at? Say you wanted to order by ID, or Type, etc? Thanks,
  3. Thanks for some answers. I am just learning about worksheets and seeing if they can be implemented in our office effectively or not. regarding question/answer... 2. This is a bit of a deal breaker for me. We have a lot of information in our door and window schedules that is manual and would be painful to put into the model as a record. especially when it came time for deadline and only one person could be modifying door and window information within the model (along with the million other items). As an alternate solution, rather than a database header to yield all doors or windows, could you individually collect the doors and windows per on a per cell basis, rather than a header basis? Example: Can I call up window P01a in cell A, then call up window P01a's dimensions in cell B, and do this individually for each cell for each window? 3. As my understanding is very low, could you write out what this code sentence would look like? Thanks, John MacDonald Architect VW2013 MAC 10.8.4
  4. I am fairly new to worksheets and have not found any good tutorials so I have some questions. 1. How can you get a list of all the functions available to you for all the possible objects in VW. Example. The door ID tag, what is the worksheet function code to insert it into the database heading? 2. Can you have a database heading with a column that has no overall function and then insert custom manual information for each object in the database list. Example: I have a window schedule and I want to indicate what elevation the window is on, without using the user field data line. Can I manually input N,S,E,W in the column below the database header. I cannot seem to custom insert anything for any objects contained in a database. 3. Can you write an IF statement to assist with the above window problem. Example: I can return the ANGLE of the window and that angle can tell me N,S,E,or W. But Can I make a statement that says something like "=if ANGLE=90, VALUE=North" 4. I tried using the "within view" criteria for a database header, but it results in zero objects, yet I know there are doors and windows in the elevation that should come up. What am I doing wrong. I set the criteria to "location" "is within" "west elevation" (a saved view and viewport). Nothing comes up? Thanks JmacArch VW 2013 Mac 10.8.4
  5. Was a solution found, I am having the same problem?!
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