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  1. I hope Nemestchek/Vectorworks make this happen. Vray is probably the most realistic renderer out there and to ignore this could make users look else where for a modeller that does. Vectorworks need to move with the times or could die; see what happened to Nokia. Having choice is a good thing, especially if it makes customers happy. Autodesk have embraced Vray why not Nemestchek?
  2. I would like under the windows' custom settings, the option to merge sashes.
  3. Please could Vectorworks include the option to merge sashes under the custom window settings.
  4. I'd like under the windows custom sash settings, the option to replace the glazing with a fxed panel (not fixed glazing) in addition to the current option of replacing with louvres. The panel would also have its own class which would enable assigning any material to it.


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