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  1. Hello everyone, i couldnt find another discussion going around about it so created this one. i am looking into buying my new working machine and i am inbetween two mac book pros with the m1 max chip a 16 with 32 gb of memory and 1tb or a 14 with 64 gb of memory and 512 a bit if extra info I am currently running VW 2022 on my 2017 17 mac book pro is anyone running any of this ? is the 64 gb neccesary for faster rendering ? Please leave your comments on it as it would help me decide thanks in adavance to all and have a great day .
  2. HI Dave , Thank you very much . I tried re setting the light distribution, But it didn't work. But as you mentioned in the last reply I got an answer from the people at Design express and they confirm that ther eis a bug and that many people have experienced the problem so they are addressing it (as you mentioned ) in the SP2 . So they recommend that until then I keep using an older version. really appreciate your input. thank you very much
  3. HI Everyone, I am having an issue with my new Vectorworks 2020, I am trying to render a file that comes out perfect when I render it in Vectorworks 2018 but once I try to render it it and use it in vectorworks 2020 the renders come out black . See images for reference . Anybody else having this issue? I have made the settings the same in 2020 as I had set up in 2018.
  4. HI does anybody's worksheet take a long time to render? My ones have been very irregular and it takes me sometimes up to an hour to render a simple three view technical drawings. Suggestions anyone
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