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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA...........Sage advice for sure!!! :-)
  2. For some reason I do not see Mark's file, but.....in general, sometimes checking the 'direction' of the path objects can make a difference between extrude along path working or not working. Also, obviously, make sure the item is 'closed' and what Tom W mentioned is also worth noting.
  3. Tom W...you should really consider becoming a teacher when not doing your main work......you are way better at this than I. 🙂
  4. Tom W.....you got me there....that is above my pay grade. :-) Maybe.....I just offered up my solution based upon what I thought would be fairly painless, and still have a modicum of dignity! :-)
  5. Yeah, main thing is that you need to use tapered extrude...not just a regular extrude. I think you get that. Actually it worked quite elegantly....pretty simple.
  6. @Landartma ok....is this what you were hoping to do? cutting to the chase.... 1) I believe the tool to use is Tapered Extrude... for several reasons. It is all one object ! That stone wall is battered, which by using Tapered Extrude, you can easily tweak the angle of the batter, etc, as well as the height. 2) I tweaked your site model a bit to better show how that battered wall will work, so don't panic :-) You do have some site model conflicts, but that is not part of this drill :-) A few other anomalies exist as well. Not important now. 3) The other thing that makes this possible is the use 'pad with retaining edge'. That is how I got the terrain behind the battered wall to sit just below the back of the battered wall, but on the front side the grade drops down. I can't get into all the subtleties at the moment. I also used 'pad with retaining edge' to pull the grade up against your foundation. I can upload the file if you wish, but some of what I did may be Greek to you. I left the other site model you had in the file as is, as you can see from the screenshot. No worries regarding any of this, but just know you will owe me for the rest of your life. :-)
  7. Also...you had some duplicity/redundancy with your stake objects....they were shown twice....once in the source data and then again, on their own, outside the site model.
  8. Ok....thanks. I am attempting to fix this up for you...somewhat....and explain what I did. I have a few other fish to fry, but I will get back to you.
  9. @Landartma By 'fit to wal' you mean the grade will be at the top of the wall??
  10. @Landartma HAHAHAHA.....Just totally ignore Jeff P....he is a bit of a curmudgeon...and wise-ass. :-)
  11. I think you may be holding on too tight to thinking you need to use a site modifier for those walls....you do not...at all. So....what is a good battered angle to use? and how wide at the top of the wall? You have no textures on any objects at the moment, which is no biggie, but is the battered walls stone....stucco.....cotton candy ? :-)
  12. ok, got it....no worries there. what about responding to my other questions? Mainly so I can wrap my ancient brain around what you think a Landscape Wall should look like?
  13. Ok...file came in fine. there are several things that need addressing, but aside from that.... 1) There are two site models ?? What is up with that? 2) is your issue with the meandering wall with round segments at the north /top of the the drawing? It bothers you because it is not just one continuous wall ? Why would it really matter that there are individual round sections in the wall? 3) what do you mean when you say "The walls I see out there are ok but they look like foundation walls not landscape walls". What is your concept of a 'landscape wall'? You have a photo or image of how you think they should appear? That would help.
  14. Yeah, just go to the 'file export' command and choose 2020.
  15. @Landartma also.....since the file is the size it is....good idea to compress or zip the file which will keep the file size wayyyy down.
  16. @Landartma It is good practice when you post to note what version of VW you are using. I imagine you are using VW 2021? I am currently using VW 2020 and could not open the file. I am happy to take a look at the tile, but you would need to export it back to 2020. Still not totally clear on what it is exactly you ae attempting. , or what exactly is not working for you. Your file will speak volumes :-)
  17. @Kevin Allen ....and she/he didn't even thank you! :-(
  18. Kevin K


    @C.T I did offer up some thoughts on this, but It somehow ended up on another thread ? https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/76043-please-help-me-skylight-object/&do=findComment&comment=383876 Also.... i might suggest raising up the skylight a bit to have a bit of a curb and some flashing....the way you have modeled it, which looks great by the way....will leak like a sieve. 🙂
  19. @Tom W. Yeah....not the end of days, but it does involve a few additional clicks ;-) Sure would be great if the folks at VW could facilitate using a round shape within the whole skylight paradigm.
  20. Kev.....what would Blanca do without you? :-)
  21. @C.T A few thoughts. Tom W is correct regarding the need to 3d model a round skylight...or any custom skylight of your choosing, but..... There is a little issue with placing a round 3d object into a roof. Meaning, the 3d symbol will not work, in that it will go into a roof or roof face, But ......... the hole in the roof will be square or rectangular shaped.....not round as expected. No problem if you are using a as rectilinear 3d symbol. I created a little test file for you, and I must say, I was surprised at the result. Not cutting a round hole in the roof !! So, take a look at the screenshot below, where I attempted to explain the situation. *Also....if you do create your own 3d skylight symbols, make very sure that the symbol is going in a vertical direction, NOT plan, as well as selecting 'insert in walls' as Tom W mentioned. Otherwise the 3d skylight will not insert itself correctly into the roof, when you drag the symbol from the resource manager to the roof object. Sure you can't live with just a rectilinear shaped skylight? :-)
  22. This is a bit sideways pertaining to the grass topic, but if any of you use c4d, there is a fabulous plugin called 'Grass Kit' that is pretty incredible. Instant grass of all sorts, lengths, density, include wildflowers, landscape rocks etc, etc. I won't prattle on, but it may be of value if you do use c4d. Here is a link if you are interested.
  23. @Neil Barman Thank you for the suggestions. Much appreciated, and I will check em out.
  24. @DDD There are usually several ways to get things accomplished in VW, as I had pointed out. Do as you like. As far as me putting things in existing versus site models...it was not high on my list. I didn't want spend hours on this, if u get my drift. :-) I was just showing how to get a nice smooth transition with the grade sloped you noted in your file.
  25. I forgot to mention one other thing. You absolutely have to use 'mesh smoothing' when dealing with site models. IF not they will have a sharp, faceted look. Note the settings in the screenshot below. All your site models had no mesh smoothing.
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