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  1. Hello Small tip for vw2017 and maybe for vw2016 users I found that vw2017 use old(2015) api of SketchUP. - slapi.dll - 15.3.331, Windows OS version. need SketchupAPI.dll(x64) from sketchUp 2016 sdk(for example i have SDK_Win_16-0-19911), copy to root of vw2017(6) and rename-replace slapi.dll - so you will able to load skp files from sketchup 2016(older too). sketchUp 2016 sdk can be downloaded from developer section of sketchup site
  2. Hello I tried to fill trial form for 2017 version several times at site. After submit, appear error
  3. same here, i create several hours ago and can not edit it. there is no button to apply-edit, finish post
  4. Hello Can VectorWorks make such grooves at side of wall joining? I will to make laser cut toy models.
  5. Hello Trevor Thank you and for who made such video-tip!
  6. Hello Can i ask such question - how do you create roofs for glass houses? For example i understand we can use curtain wall for walls. What about roofs?
  7. Yeah, i got several problems with instancing of qt[app] declaration. I got several tests with normal behavior before marionette definition > outside of this class. Today, i only have view to use inside of normal script's body, not marionette
  8. Hello Cool stuff! I also made dirty raw test with qt/pySide(v.1.2.4)
  9. i forgot, sorry anyway i import meshes: several landscape meshes with baked texture in c4d yeah got a few freezes
  10. I see you have formz, maybe reduce meshes > reduce function for mesh or any similar tools for macOS
  11. Hello Have *.mtl file with that obj? mtl store paths to textures and info about materials, you can easy edit to make own paths to textures yes, a few editors/converters has option to in-built mat-info to obj file
  12. Hello Sarah It's very useful. Thank you Can post such example? I will post code which inside in any dummy node(not wrapper) and somebody can to put it into node code(for example one of points category nodes) + also if you install scipy, numpy(python extesions) Code based at such code and frensel functions of scipy ''' Based at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13308573/scipy-what-are-the-arguments-in-scipy-special-fresnelx-out1-out2 ''' @Marionette.NodeDefinition class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass): this = Marionette.Node('Frensel Points') this.SetDescription('Create scipy.frensel Points') npts = Marionette.OIPControl( 'Number of points', Marionette.WidgetType.Int, 100) npts.SetDescription('Number of points at curve') curlsn = Marionette.OIPControl( 'Number of curls', Marionette.WidgetType.Int, 3) curlsn.SetDescription('Number of curls') sca = Marionette.OIPControl( 'Scale', Marionette.WidgetType.Bool, False) sca.SetDescription('Scaled version') scan = Marionette.OIPControl( 'Scale', Marionette.WidgetType.Int, 1) scan.SetDescription('Scale of curve') pt = Marionette.PortOut() pt.SetDescription('Frensel Points on the xy plane') def RunNode(self): import numpy as np from scipy.special import fresnel num = self.Params.npts.value curl = self.Params.curlsn.value sca = self.Params.sca.value scalen = self.Params.scan.value t = np.linspace(-curl, curl, num, endpoint=True) ss, cc = fresnel(t / np.sqrt(np.pi / 2)) scaled_ss = np.sqrt(np.pi / 2) * ss scaled_cc = np.sqrt(np.pi / 2) * cc if sca: fpts = [] for i in range(num): fpts.append((scaled_ss[i]*scalen, scaled_cc[i]*scalen, 0.0)) self.Params.pt.value = fpts else: fpts = [] for i in range(num): fpts.append((ss[i], cc[i], 0.0)) self.Params.pt.value = fpts
  13. yes, but let's back to vw and Marionette - it's very helpful addition. I read somewhere over forum, that why only python drives code. Ok, if we look at net, we can find many additional packages and extensions for python and can extend it: numpy and scipy -> i used scipy in GIS(ArcGIS) and Road design(used in topomatic robur); numpy - arrays for volumes... color analysis extensions ... for design, spotlight maybe and etc. and by nodes we can create scenario of project or part of project -> like mind map
  14. no-no, it's not only character tool, mostly vfx/fx package(i used it as destruction tool when had freelance work in 2010-2011 years). I mean it uses node-based editor to create any kind of tools for it, procedural cities, windows and etc.
  15. I started to read manual -> Visual Scripting and video > in this post also i have experience with: dynamo for revit mcg for 3dsmax xpresso for c4d houdini
  16. hello have you look at sub-forum of Marionette, especially resource share? This tool is in-built simplified tool for creation of scripted "plug-ins" http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/Marionette_Basics
  17. Hello I can not find sdk 2016 and documentation for it. or it's still polishing? I find several pages at dev.wiki, post in vis.script sub-forum and VS:Vectorworks 2016 - New Functions
  18. Rob I expand it 1. human-made curve we named - mypath 2. add that alias to options in name node. script will begin to find target object with such alias
  19. Hello I'm not sure about custom ui, take a look at Object Info Palette
  20. Thank you and dev.team Also i found new info about “Marionette” at vw developer wiki pages. if somebody missed it, check out links as tech.info: Marionette Basics The Marionette Node Parametric Object
  21. yes, name is "mypath" alias in data name of poly-line and scatter by duplicating of circles (i forgot to filtered number of points to duplicate-node) i made such
  22. Woohoo I missed this requested feature >> xmb sampler with embree and sa's arnold-, pixar-like renderer to arch.viz! cool!!!
  23. Thank you for link Great, for that was simplified: I mean - not only c++(capi)
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