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  1. Code academy is a pretty decent resource for people that aren't familiar with coding or have a light familiarity with it. I've used it before for a few new languages. As for me, I personally generate most of my python scripts in PyCharm. The community version is more than adequate for most tasks and behaves very similar to Java's Eclipse IDE. It allows for breakpoints, real time error checking, and a slew of other nice features.
  2. I've got some big plans for what I'll create using python and marionette. I have a history for improving both usability and user interfaces. In fact, it's one of the many reasons I love python as a language. That said, this first post is basic. I've been casually going through the Vectorworks developer website and seeing which functions were not in Marionette by default. I'll be posting bits here and there that will help us get closer to the full functionality of Vectorscript in Marionette. It's not a terribly useful one for me, but predefined dialogs have been used in a few of my past projects for debugging by doing something as simple as hooking up an AlertDialog node and seeing the output of a node or node network. -jm
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