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  1. Have worked all day on drawings. Saved every 15 minutes. used separate layers. imported drawings and specifications. Stopped for a moment, checked emails. went back to my drawings and NOTHING IS THERE! when I move mouse over the drawing there is a vague outline of what I've drawn but noting is really visible. Can anyone please help?
  2. New to FUNDAMENTALS 2022 Past 2016 was able to see 2 layers at once (title page in 1:1 scale and plans or details in a different scale) by turning UNIFIED VIEW OFF. How can I accomplish this on 2022?
  3. Have worked on Vectorworks my entire career since it was MINICAD! GREAT app, BUT. Now that I'm retired, don't want to spend over $4,000 on the current app that will work on my new computer. Last was Vectorworks 2016 which does not work on OS 11.6 mac. Anyone know of a program that will allow me to READ only some of my past projects. Don't need or want to make changes, just view some of the details/drawings. THANK YOU in advance for any help
  4. Just installed OS 10.14. Vectorworks 2016 crashes. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  5. homework


    Thank you michaelk ! that was IT
  6. homework


    layers developed in different scales are no longer visible (title sheet 1:1 scale, Plan view 3/8) It just stopped working. any ideas?
  7. SOmehow MULTIPLE selection has stopped working. When I SHIFT CLICK inly one item is selected...any ideas?
  8. Working on 2010 SP4. Mac os 10.6.7 Today, when I select an object, there is no OBJECT INFO on the palette. Doesn't seem to recognize shape, data or render...got nuthin' Any ideas what might be wrong?
  9. No, everything was set to visible...after noodling around with everything, I found that my default font had somehow been corrupted. I changed the font to an alternate and it's now ok... Thank you for your help Pat.
  10. Suddenly I have no text, no dimensions, no labels. Dimension & text classes are shown as visible, but when I insert text, nothing shows up. Dimension lines are visible but no text dimensions I'm working on OS10.6.4 Vectorworks 2010 ...any ideas?
  11. Thank you Ray, Mike and Peter. I reset the origin, deleted objects WAY out of the active layer, and it all went well. I've been working on Vectorworks since it was Minicad 4 and learned more today that ever before. Thank you fro sharing your knowledge and experience.
  12. Mike, I don't know what you mean "origin" and "extent"
  13. The renderings were all created in 2010. 27" imac 4GB ram OS 10.6.3 only a bitmap was developed in 12.5 When I tried to render without that bitmap, the same issues occurred.
  14. Since "upgrading" my MAC to Snow Leopard & installing VW2010 from VW12.5, I've had nothing but problems when attempting to render. First, the system crashed. After some sage advice from GRANT PD (thank you Grant) I discovered a corrupt piece of my drawing and replaced it. I was then able to FAST RENDER. BUT when trying to FINAL RENDER, it is SLOW SLOW SLOW. When I try to FORCE QUIT VW is "not responding". Anyone else working on MACOS6 with VW 2010? I'm even wondering if my VW program is faulty.
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